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Ballora x Ennard

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Here's one of my ships!

    Ballora's P.O.V:
    Baby always says she "had" a brother. I don't know why she says "had" if she "had" a brother, we're was her brother? "Hey baby" "yes?" "Umm..so do you remember when you say you "had" a brother?" I asked but she just stayed quiet "...well Ballora, if want to know so much, then go to the scooper room and you should find him there." After she said that I was shocked. It was true, she did have a brother! I always thought she was lying just to get funtime Freddy's attention. Anyway I went to the scooper room to find her brother. I opened the door, it’s so dark in here. "Hello?" Then right when I said that I saw a little party hat peeking from behind the scooper. "Hello is someone there? I can see your little hat." "Baby are you in here" said a strange voice. "No I'm not baby, but one question, are you her brother?" "Yes and why do you need to kno-" the stranger who was speaking to me came from behind the scooper and looked straight into my eyes. "Who are you?" And I answered "Ballora".

    Ennard's P.O.V:
    "Ok 'Ballora' why are you here and how do you know my sister?" "She's our leader, but she told me to come and get you." I looked at her a little confused "our leader?" I asked "oh, the others, F. Freddy and F. Foxy."

    5 minutes Later...

    Everyone's conversation:
    "Hey baby! I found him!" Ennard looked at baby for a long time in silence. "I'll go and get the others!" Ballora left Circus gallery. "Hi, Ennard how's it been?" Baby asked Ennard who looked super peeved. "Oh hi, the person who put me in there in the first place!" "Look I'm sorry Ennard I just forgot about you. I'm so sorry" baby said looking really sad. "I'm sorry for yelling at you, it's just that you locked me away without saying good bye" " I know and I'm sorry for that" Ennard and baby hugged like siblings and forgave each other.

    Ballora's P.O.V:
    Don't tell anyone but, I think Ennard is kinda cute! And I don't want baby to find out so don't tell her, got it? Okay so I'm in Ballora's gallery right now. "Okay minirinas time to dance! The night will be here soon so you can dance and do whatever you like until he gets here, ok?" "Okay Ballora!" They all said that in unison it was adorable X3!

    At 12:00 a.m....

    Ennard's P.O.V:
    OMG I think I like Ballora 0///0
    I don't know why I just think she’s pretty and good at dancing. Anyways it's 12:00 a.m on the 4th night and I'm thinking of telling her my feelings in the scooper room at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow night. Then Ennard went back into the scooping room. He went to sleep and so did everyone else in the pizzeria, and it went to sleep wishing that it would go well with Ballora.

    Ennard's P.O.V:
    Today was the day that I was going to confess my feelings to Ballora the scooping room I was a little nervous but I know it'll go well. "Hey baby?" "Yes Ennard?" I was a little nervous. "Umm...I know that you might not be okay with this but, I-I really like Ballora and I want to confess to her in the scooper room control module and 5:45 a.m. so there I said it." She just looked at me. "Awesome! I'm not mad I'm happy for you!" " Thanks baby"

    At 5:45 a.m....
    "So Ballora I wanted to talk to you because, I-I L-l-love Y-ou and I hope you feel the same." She looked at Ennard "Ennard I love you too."

    And right at the strike of 6:00 a.m. they both kissed. And there and then was the perfect ending to their story.

    The End!:3

    Comment down below for suggestions and if you loved the ending!

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251 days ago
Of and btw that ewe was a face it looks like this -- [insert the suspicious glance emoji]
251 days ago
ewe. I personally like to ship puppet and ennard... its a 6 out of 10
270 days ago
Personally, I think that other ships are good. (Good book!
542 days ago
I personally think there are better ships, but the book is nice.
709 days ago
Confused, concerned, and destroying the place sorry but I don’t like this ship I prefer Michael x ennard
718 days ago
o.o u.u owo amazing
1247 days ago
I agree. ✍️👍 Good job 😉
1627 days ago
You did a pretty good job on this! There was a few grammar mistakes and stuff, but the story was nice.