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Let's face in HOOs and PJS and Trials of Apollo solangelo is everyone's favorite ship.

    Nico was sitting by Thalia's tree when "Solace" walked up behind him and didn't notice Nico until he tripped over him...... To that Nico said "Watch where you're going Solace." "Sorry" was Will's reply. And THEN he realized that he hadn't seen Nico for 3 days and then freaked out on him saying things like "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!" "LISTEN UP DON'T YOU DARE MAKE ME WORRY ABOUT YOU FOR THREE LONG DAYS!" The ranting stopped when he realized that Nico was bleeding on his left arm and then proceeded to gasp very loudly and said "NICO FREAKING DIANGELO 3 DAYS IN THE INFIRMARY!" To which Nico replied with "Will it is just a cut so I can literally just put a band-aid on it." But that was not stopping Will, without another word he dragged Nico to the infirmary despite Nico being VERY flustered he knew he was in good hands.
    After Nico "falling" asleep Will softly hummed "You are my sunshine" and Nico absent mindedly starts to sing along and then Will just turned and squealed so high-pitched that "Mrs. O'Leary"(AKA Frank in disguise) came to check on them. Then Will said why didn't you sing at the campfire, you're voice is beautiful." Nico then proceeded to say(blushing furiously of course) "I-I didn't know I could......"
    So Frank ran out of there(by the way Frank is JUST visiting: C) and screamed at Percy to get his butt out of his cabin. AND then Leo and then Annabeth and then Hazel to get out of the caves and then Reyna to stop making out with Thalia(My 2 favorite ships Theyna and Solangelo) then to Jason and Piper to stop making a tornado. Once they got the 7 + Theyna together. Frank announced (at the top of his lungs) "NICO DI ANGELO CAN SING REALLY GREAT!"
    Once they all heard this they questioned how do you know to this he replied "I heard him sing when I was a hellhound."

    3 days later....... Nico was in his cabin when he heard a knock on the door "The doors open." he said "Hey neeks...." said an uneasy Will Solace "What do you want?" asked Nico. "Well do you want to ummmm g-go on a d-d-date?" He asked. Nico shocked asked "Why would anybody want to date me?" to which Will responded to in a sing-song voice "Because I love you." without knowing what else to say Nico said "Pick you up at 8:00?" Will happily responded with a yes. And Piper secretly watching with one of her Aphrodite powers.
    At the date Kayla and Austin spying on them with fake mustaches and Magnus helping Annabeth by getting Loki to spy on them FOR Magnus and Annabeth. Hades hiding in the shadows and Percy in a pond nearby.
    After the date literally everyone making frik frak eyebrows at them for the rest of the day. The end (for now)

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Solangelo all the way!
541 days ago
How would fake mustashes make Kayla and Austin suddenly unrecognizable? Just say'n...
1468 days ago
@I LOVE ALEX FIERRO...wait what???:
OMG I love Alex Fierro soooo much too! Especially when (s)he gets with Magnus (sorry if you hadn’t read the 3rd book). Also, I loved this story! LOL!!! SOLANGELO IS THE BEST THEY ARE SO CUTE TOGETHER!
1469 days ago
Lol lol lol lol lol I love this and I love this and I love this!!!