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This is a short story about my first love during my freshman and sophomore years of high school.

    It all started off in room 66, my home room. The beginning was rough, I was always nervous and acted awkward. We weren’t friends, then we were best friends. Nate was the perfect guy- athletic, smart, tall, kind, and a feminist. We had so much in common. We would talk all the time, texting, snapping, calling, and FaceTiming each other, but I never knew how he felt. He was always flirty towards me, but then again he was flirty with everyone. I could tell him anything, but I didn’t know I was in love with him until the end of freshman year. The whole year I had liked this kid named Jacob, he was a terrible person- hot but heartless. He had broken my heart for the last time and I was crying to Nate, who was always there to comfort me, and I realized I loved him.

    I couldn’t tell him of course, we were too close and what could I have done. One day we decided to go to an amusement park, he convinced me to go on a roller coaster. The thing is I’m terrified of roller coasters and heights in general. He held me so tight when I told him I was scared, I was so in love. Then the ride ended, he guided me off... then we kissed. Slow and passionate, stopping to smile at each other. It was the best day of my life.

    After our kiss, came many more kisses. We would makeout so passionately and honestly that it was like we were in our own world. Then his lips would move down from lips to my collar bone, to my chest. One day my shirt came off, and then my bra. We were holding each other close not distracted by my lack of clothing, rather one less thing keeping our bodies from melting together. Our relationship continued to escalate.

    It was not solely physical, our love was deep. We would talk about current issues, future plans, and aspirations. He wanted to be a doctor and I wanted to be a model. He told me I was beautiful and I told him he was sexy. He would say I was a deep thinker and how he admired my intelligence. He never put me down or pressured me into anything. He was always kind and forgiving.

    I met his parents and he met mine. I snuck into his bed and he snuck into my pants. Our love was special, more mature then other 16 year olds and much more deep and passionate. He gave me a ring, a promise to love me forever and I gave him a necklace with a G from Gabrielle- my name. He told me when he missed me he would close his eyes and hold the G to his heart and it would feel as if I was there.

    I lost my virginity to Nate in 8/14/16

    Losing my virginity made us even closer and more in tune to one another’s bodies.

    It was slow, painless and utterly perfect.

    We went on picnics, camping trips, hikes, watched Netflix, and made love everywhere.

    Our relationship became very powerful, and such a big part of my life. We were so committed to each other that no one else mattered.

    Our friends were supportive, but became jealous and started leaving us out.

    It came to a point where we would leave school at lunch to have sex in an abandoned parking lot instead of facing them. Eventually it got better we refused our relationship was moving too fast, so we slowed down to take more time to spend with family and friends.

    Our love story was epic, passionate and deep. The story ended when I left for New York, but I still carry his ring, I don’t think our story is over yet.

    “I love you, Nate” She whispered at their wedding.

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1050 days ago
Woah this a very nice live story