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Crush Imagine

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    You are joining a new school.You are scared but excited at the same time.As you walk into the building you drop your book by accident.
    Y/C: Hey? You dropped your book!
    You turn around and see a handsome boy behind you.You freeze and admire him.
    Y/N: Oh, thank you.
    Y/C: Whole I walk you to class? You look lost.
    Y/N: Sure.
    You smile.You realise you are in love.What if it's too early? What if he's tricking you? So many questions are going on in your head right now.

    Y/C's point of view:

    The way she just talked to me made me curious.She could be tricking me, my heart has been broken many times but she could be the one.
    T/N: Good morning class, and welcome to a fresh school.I will hand out math books and you will get started.
    Y/N and I got assigned seats.I was so happy.This was a bonus opportunity to get her heart.

    Y/N's point of view:

    You are really getting into Y/C.He helped you with the math problems and is such a flirt to you.You know it's too early, but you want to confess to him so badly.You are scared to do so and don't even know if you have the guys to do it.The only way to be in a true relationship with him is to ask him to be my boyfriend.You hope no one will steal his heart.

    You were looking forward to the next day of school.This could be your chance to confess to him.For some reason this day didn't feel right.A new girl came to the school.She had silky blonde hair and glistening blue eyes.You realized Y/C stopped talking to you.He wouldn't even greet you.You became really worried that he lost interest in you.Your saw him talking to the new girl.Then started kissing and hugging.Your heart dropped.You haven't even got to know him that well and he has started dating another girl.

    (Skip to the end of the day)

    The teacher announced that the school dance is coming up.You were scared because you didn't know who your crush was going to want to go to the dance with.You burst into tears and dashed home.

    As you entered the school you saw that Y/C and the new girl had broke up.Your emotions switched from sad to happy.You walked up to your locker and heard footsteps behind you.You slowly turned around to see Y/C.He pushed you against your locker and leaned towards you.
    Y/N: Get off of me, you cheater!
    Y/C: I wasn't dating the new girl, I swear!
    Y/N: What about all the-
    Before you could finish hour sentence, he got really close to you.So close that you could feel his lips against yours.He kissed you and closed his eyes.He grabbed your waist and kissed you even harder.
    Y/C: Give me another chance, baby.
    Those words confused you.and called you baby for the first time.You were speechless and didn't know what to do at this point.Should you give him another chance of leave him.

    Comment what you would do next.

    Stop imagining! Confess to your crush.If you have and he rejected you remember this:
    There will always be someone who will love you who you are.

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772 days ago
ahhh well uh u bu- the- um well uh- YA
907 days ago
I wouldn't trust him. Anyone who does that is bound to cheat on you. meep.
917 days ago
I would ask him what all the kissing and hugging was about. Then, once I got an answer, I'd give him another chance. I will be one of the new girls in August of 2022 as I go to high school. My sister has a cute friend that is my crush, and I know him pretty well, but he doesn't know me that much, so this would be the perfect thing to happen to me. He'll be a junior and if I ask him out he might just consider taking me to homecoming and even prom if covid restrictions are lifted.
1280 days ago
the quote st the end is beautiful ily
1353 days ago
1396 days ago
Hey everyone as u r here can u plz do my quizzes? I will be very grateful especially if u comment! My name is TheQuizzyAddict and thx a lot for ur time!
1454 days ago
Tell him to go to hell. Then walk away plainly. Well, still heartbroken though. But still why would I have a crush on a A-hole like him?
1468 days ago
I would tell him to back off. He seems like a player and you can always find someone new.
1722 days ago
I would first ask him why he kissed and hugged the other girl?? Then i would give him another chance because my bestfriend aka my crush is so cute and adorable and we have everything in common with personalities