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School Prom Story {TRUE STORY}

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This story is a true one, but I haven't used the people's real names, because they don't know I've put this online. But it's so sweet and it tugs at my heart whenever I think of it. This actually happened, and please don't write any mean comments.

Abby had had several crushes over the past few months, but none quite like this one. There had been Arron, Owen and Zack, but she had moved on from them quickly. Ethan was the one she liked, but she didn't know how to communicate with him. You see, she had Asperger's Syndrome, a form of high - functioning autism and she had ADD too. So she never had many friends, and wasn't liked by many people. She sometimes became unhappy in school because everyone else seemed to be in a relationship or have close friends. She sometimes felt misunderstood. Sometimes Ethan would take a quick glance at her, but look away quickly. She became excited inside whenever he spoke to her, or gave her a quick glance in assembly. She slowly came to like him, and she wanted to let her feelings out in a private and appropriate manner.

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48 days ago
so good. also read with you maybe its also, super good
653 days ago
*suddenly bursts into tears*

~*tEcHnIcAl DiFfIcUlTiEs*~

OKEH I'M BACK. Very touching story. *claps*
788 days ago
Great story! Even if you're different, you're still a human!! And that's true with lots of things: autism, different skin colors, different religions, etc.
1090 days ago
Sorry that you can't find it anymore, I took it down about a year ago. I don't really post on here any more, I come online about twice a year at the most.
1282 days ago
PurityAngel77 hi I canโ€™t find your YouTube channel
1688 days ago
I am not posting anymore, because of real life problems. However, I DO post on my YouTube channel, iiWaterQuestii
1703 days ago
PurityAngel77, you should become an auther, you are a brilliant writer.๐Ÿ“
1720 days ago
Lol I've never heard anyone else say 'Cheesus Rice' before XD
1720 days ago
1720 days ago
Cheesus rice, I didn't know that I got famous here! Wow! I've been away for ages and the fame is slowly rising... Haha anyway thanks everyone, I really appreciate it

1724 days ago
Also PurityAngel77 you are FAMOUS on this website seriously your amazing
1724 days ago
Omg I loveyou!!
1732 days ago
I rated this...
5 stars! Well done. It's beautiful, just beautiful
1739 days ago
This story quite frankly made my heart melt. Not enough people understand the daily torment that autistic youths go through each day. Abby is probably a beautiful person, inside and out. Ethan might presume her to be crazy, but at least he is actually nice.
1746 days ago
I really hope Abby and Ethan do get together. Poor Abby seems to need a miracle.
1773 days ago
Sorry, I made a lot of typos since I really wanted to write a good comment.
1773 days ago
I also meant @countrygirl.
1773 days ago
I meant that God has made, not God have made. Sorry.
1773 days ago
I loved this story! It was beautiful, and it was so touching. I will pray for Abby. Actually, my best friend's name is Abigail "Abby," so it was extra special. PurityAngel77, you are a very sweet friend for writing this story for Abby or whatever her name is in real life. I really hope that Abby and Ethan do end up dating. Thank you for writing this story. I loved it, and Abby or whatever your name really is, remember that you are beautiful no matter what because God created you. All things that God have made are beautiful. Remember that you have a purpose in life, whatever that may be. Don't crush yourself for being disabled. You are special, and I am SO sorry that you have been bullied all your life. @countrygirl, I am sorry for you too. Know that both of you are here for a reason, even if you don't know what that reason is. Those people that bullied you should be ashamed of themselves for being such jerks. I don't know you, but if I did, I would be your friend even though you are disabled. Remember, God loves you.
1774 days ago
Good story well done