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First Day Of High School

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This leads on from School Prom Story, my most successful story. This is my second work that I am glad to share with you all.

Pencilcase? Check. Notebook? Check. Everything else? Check. Abby was pretty much ready to go. She was trying to drag Ethan's face from her mind, yet again. She tried to convince her overactive mind that high school wasn't going to be all about Ethan. She didn't think that he was interested in her anyway. Trying not to hyperventilate, she closed the door behind her and set off for her friend's house. Some time later, Abby had arrived at school and went off to see her other friends from middle school. They greeted her nicely, and they struck up an awkward conversation. Time ticked on and soon the bell was screaming for them to line up. First day was underway.

Thank God Ethan isn't in my form, Abby thought, unpacking her bag nervously. If he was, I wouldn't have made it to my desk without messing up! She took a seat next to her best friend. Attendance was called, and she trotted off to first class. Ethan was in the corridor. Shoot. Blushing so much that she looked like a beetroot, she ducked inside her classroom, hyperventilating madly. He strolled past, oblivious to the scared girl hiding in her first class room.

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773 days ago
1537 days ago
This story is not to interesting to me anyway,i think it is a good story
1608 days ago
Just to clear this up - I know Abby's real name, as I am with her in school. She also knows who I am. Abby isn't her real name, because I don't want people to stalk her online or in school or whatever. And Ethan isn't Ethan's actual name either.
1608 days ago
Why do you tell her your name if she doesn't tell you hers? Like seriously? Why?
1611 days ago
This story is short but sweet. I like it.