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Diana and Caine- meeting

3 Chapter - 592 Words - Developed by:
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Most credit goes to Michael Grant and all rights go to his truly, though I own Grace, Tiffany, and Hayley.
When they meet:-)

    Diana walked into the halls of Coates academy and looked around. Beautiful children chatting was what she saw. Fancy wooden walls, a glass chandelier. But she knew better. All of these children probably killed their parents and ate a puppy. She would not be deceived by some smiling faces and overdramatic coughs that covered up harsh slurs and words that were most clearly involved in the conversation. A tall blond haired girl strutted over towards her and then sneered in such a perfect manner that it was almost like she skinned Barbie. 'You think you are so much better than us, don't you?' Diana felt her muscles relax. 'Yes, blondie. Because I'm innocent for telling a lie and you probably burned down a building. So leave me alone.' The girl was about to retort some stupid stick up girl comment when all behind her parted ways and she stopped. She automatically changed from bitch to girl when a boy came.

    Second chapter of three. Enjoy please:-)

    He smiled at the girl and then came another boy, not as handsome, who stood next to him. What was this? Some kings appearance to a common girl? As much as she hated to admit it, he was smoking hot in some weird cold way. Like if you put a turkey in the freezer and found it burned the next day. 'Hi.' He said. 'Hi.' He smiled charmingly but she saw through his facade. 'No, I would not like to fall aimlessly in love with you, life doesn't work like that.' He shrugged. 'I didn't expect it to be like that and what you said wasn't what I would have said.' She narrowed her eyes. 'As much as I love drama, I sure don't enjoy being drowned in it immediately so..' She wavered her arms around in annoyance. 'Well then..' he trailed off. With a smirk. Then they both parted ways. Leaving Diana stunned and confused.

    Diana saw the kid in her classes and mostly ignored him until that sad day she was selected to be his partner for drama. Apparently his name was Caine. And this particular drama was a reenactment of a kissing scene from some old play. The blonde shot daggers at her every time she had to peck Caine. Jealous much? One day she decided to full on make out with him just to piss off the girl.

    Hayley growled. 'Let it go.' Barked Jessica. 'See a girl eating your old boyfriend and now your crush. Get over it.' Grace nodded. 'I know but I have to kiss THAT guy' she gestured to some kid in the corner 'I want to kiss that!' She pointed to Caine. Grace snorted. 'Trust me, the girl will learn what a dickhead he is.' 'But he's my dickhead!' 'Not anymore.' Grace purred, Hayley nodded in agreement. Stupid Diana will always ruin everything!

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