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Dendyn is a fictional story about two childhood friends who end up falling in love with each other despite the obstacles. It is a story of love, courage and friendship.

Hello, my name is Kadyn. I am a female minor. I'm not going to tell you my age cause it changes throughout the story and it would just be very confusing. Back in kindergarten I met a girl named Denise. We soon became best friends. We went on through elementary and we had every class together. In 3rd grade we met a girl named Hazel. Denise decided to make her our new friend. The year after that we met another girl named Xerenity. Denise decided to be friends with her too. That very same year me and Denise dated for about 3 months until she thought it was too weird and broke up with me. In 5th grade Hazel and Xerenity started to form their own relationship. I and Denise were both proud of and surprised by them two. During the summer after 5th grade Xerenity moved to a different town and Hazel went to a different school. Although I and Denise were devastated, there was nothing we could do. We accepted the facts and looked at the bright side of things, at least we were going to the same middle school and we had three classes together. A lot of classmates from elementary went to the same school as us, and we even made new friends. I and Xerenity kept in touch although I and Hazel didn't talk as often. Denise couldn't really talk with either of them do to the fact that she broke her phone and she didn't have their numbers. Xerenity told me she was dealing with some stuff and started to harm herself and I was shocked when she told me but she said she quickly veered off of that path. She had gotten a tattoo, which also surprised me. She told me her relationship with Hazel was stronger than ever, even though they lived in completely different cities. When she mentioned her and Hazel's relationship, it reminded me of when me and Denise dated and I kind of wanted to date her again.

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have you seen edward scissorhands?