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The story of greatnegreatness ds

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    Once there was a girl named Susie. When Susie was young, she met a lovely boy named Elliot. The two instantly fell in love and talked every second of the day. They always had a good time. They enjoyed the same things and always laughed together. They even worked together often. Both people were madly in love, but too shy to do anything with it. Elliot told some of Susie's good friends about his love, but Susie never found out. One day, Elliot sat by Susie at lunch because it appeared she was all alone. Everyone made fun of him and sang the childish love songs.
    Susie was known as Mrs. Wettstein for the next few months. But nobody knew their feelings. Years later, after they were separated by class, they didn't talk. Susie didn't ever know he loved her, even though her friend Elliot had told finally told Susie what he said. Susie eventually told all of her friends, who were shocked. Susie and Elliot didn't hang around anymore until 6th grade when they had some of the same classes. In one of the classes, Elliot's friends would constantly tease him about Susie. They reminded both people that they were near each other and asked both people if they still liked each other. But Susie had been tormented by her friends to the point where she didn't care if they whole world ones anymore. Like it mattered anyway, she told herself. She didn't know if he liked her, but she assumed he didn't. The love had changed. Susie talked to Elliot loud and clear and waaaay to openly. She didn't care anymore! She talked like a nerd around him too, because she often got nervous about what to say to him. The love seemed to have been crippled by popularity. But Susie had a basketball game, and Elliot went to it after being convinced by other girls on the team. He mostly watched the second half, but Susie noticed he was always looking her way. Susie knew she had to bring her game with Elliot there. A year later, in 7th grade, everyone was welcome to school dances. When the children were first told, Susie decided to see if anyone would find out if Elliot would go with her. She didn't want to have to ask unless a few days later no one said anything. But of course, they did. They all asked Susie if she would go with Elliot, and not caring anymore, she said yes. Elliot decided he would go, as well. From then on, after that magical night, they were always together.

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686 days ago
I like it!!!! It's good!!!
1536 days ago
Please love this. There are some spelling errors (thanks a lot autocorrect) but overall it's a true and good story!