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Loving you part five

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Hey guys! I will try to write more often, I am yet again sorry for the wait, I have actually been cooking up more plot to the story, and let me tell you, DRAMA! Sorry for the typo last chapter, I meant 4 lol thanks for reading! Enjoy!

*I can't believe this... THEY'RE DATING! HOW COULD HE? I.. I'm angry, I'm heartbroken, I'm vengeful.... I don't know what to feel! AAAUGH!* not even gonna excuse the thoughts. Me and Andrew carried on like normal, but we both knew there was a barrier in between the two of us, and when I looked at him... I didn't see him the same. He had broken my heart. My mom said he was a douchebag. She said "we'll just make you look hot for the dance to make him jealous." It didn't help much, but at least it was something. I went to my aunt’s house, and some family friends were there. I was basically their queen, so they listened to me and sympathised with me. The only boy comforted me, but he acted different than normal. I can't place it. Oh, well, who cares, I have my own self to be concerned with.

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6 days ago
388 days ago
I love it! So amazing, as always.
803 days ago
He really is. That is exactly how I would describe him down to a "T" you are really gonna love 8th grade😁
825 days ago
Good Please read my fan Fiction stories!
828 days ago
Thank you, I can't wait for part 7 Andrew is an amazing guy yet confusing.... I love this series!
839 days ago
Haha yeah I try to make all my viewers happy! Glad you liked it!😁
839 days ago
Ommmggggg this is amazing, thank you for clearing up the talking! Its so much clearer now!!!!!!!!!!!
918 days ago
Adrianna its a little xonfusing with the talking. Overall this is one of the best fan fictions :)))
921 days ago
Nooo don’t stop I need more...😢
924 days ago
Hi Emily/rebel! Actually, this is based on my story with my crush so you aren't stupid😂 I exaggerated a bit and changed up some names, but yeah most of what you are reading is true (or at least as true as it needs to be😉)
924 days ago
Boy, am stupid. l didint read the begining. i was thinking about somthing.
924 days ago
make more plz

did this acutaly hapen to you? i am recently going through a breakup my crush dumped me 4 me best freind :(