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Do You Still Believe? (A short love story)

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This is book 2 of the Do you Believe series, Kate and Amy have a good life until....

    Dear Journal-


    Anyway it’s Friday, Amy moved to a different school... we still talk and see each other though. "Knock, Knock!" I walk up to the door, open it and "BRAYDEN! And girl I don't know?" I screamed gradually getting quieter. "Hey Babe, missed you, this Alyx by the way." Bray said. My mind was thinking is he dumping me for her or?

    Time for school, Math was still my first period. Instead if Amy sitting next to me it was Quinn and very cute guy and probably the most popular person in school he would talk to anyone. I was day dreaming. "SLAP!" Ow "Why are you cheating on me, bish!" Brayden yelled "WHAT!" I cried I ran away screaming and cussing.

    I heard an unfamiliar voice say "I'm sorry..." I wanted to say leave me alone but I said "Who is it?" And few moments later.... "It's me Quinn.... I'm so sorry that happened" I held my bruise on my face... "Come in I guess... I'm in the biggest stall..." I cried out in pain... why was I letting another person get close to me?

    Me and Quinn talked for hours tears and laughs disagreements and joy, something I’ve only felt once happened...Love.... I felt trust and love again after only 3 months of a very painful breakup and Quinn was by my side through everything...."I'm not going to prom" I finally announced to Quinn. "What you should, it’s a once in a life time thing K!" (His nickname for me K) I was going to go to prom I just didn't know why I just had a feeling I should go after he said I should....


    I wore a blue short dress with black sparkle flats with my makeup all done. My hair was put in french pig tails. Brayden was there with Alyx his nee girl friend... he walks up to me and gives me a rise with a note saying sorry for the way he acted he also said that you were way too good for him, I waited for almost an hour for Quinn then I left and went toward the dance floor. Another rose was handed to me? Why were they giving me roses! I went and sat down out of breathe. 150 roses were handed to me.... and then a bag with big holes were teared in it... I put the roses in there and found a path of roses so I followed it... it lead me to QUINN! "Hey, sorry I'm late K." Quinn said "but will you go to prom with me?"
    In awe I said "Yes a thousand tine yes!" I exclaimed. "But why was I given roses?"
    "For this path... the rose petals fell off and you made your own path and I followed it just for this, for you." He replied. "But how did you get Brayd-"
    "He came to me and asked if he could help he made a mistake and is trying to take it back." He interrupted.

    Me and Quinn have been dating since prom (8 months 12 days 4 minutes and 34...36...38... seconds)

    This is 100% fictional, tell me what you thought in the comments and if I should continue the series.

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More PLZ!!!! This is really good!!
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How did you guys like it?