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My sexuality and gender (idek)

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Hi, call me Jax (preferred nickname) I'm currently in my last year of middle school. This aint no fanfic tho. Just read it if you want.

Hi, if you didn't know already, call me Jax. I'm currently thirteen turning fourteen soon and I have almost no friends. My best friend is Olivia and my other closest friend is Carolyn. The people I hang out with include Kayla who is my twin sisters best friend, Charlie (his nickname) who is Kaylas crush, and Camden who lives near my house. I have one friend I've known for a while but we are on and off calling each other friends, his name is Ryan. I have a few kids I talk to sometimes, they are Jake who has a girlfriend named Alaina and constantly is acting gay and girly just like Camden, they are both straight but just act gay, and Jordan who always has a Bluetooth speaker with him and he also has a girlfriend who he rarely talks about but also acts gay a lot. Ok so that's basically a summary of the people I talk to.

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666 days ago
You had👮at 13??? The frick????
836 days ago
nice story, a lot of people in it lol... Girl with an attitude- haha same, im 14 and ive only had one crush 😂
1169 days ago
It seems good. I’m just confused the whole “you had🚔at 13” thing...
1428 days ago
Hmm. This was really interesting to read, I love how you spoke on topics and provided a story for each without lagging on and on. Great job!!
1430 days ago
This is really confusing.
1431 days ago
Awesome your life seems great!