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Broken Code

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Hi my name is Jaxi and I love Warrior Cats. This will come in many parts so there is one chapter…
Happy, Romance (durr), Heartbreak… a bit sad.

    My name is Winterkit. My siblings… well. I have one. Daisykit.
    We are six moons old and we're going to be made apprentices!
    She'll probably be a medicine cat.
    I'm gonna be a warrior!
    My mom is Silverstar, the leader of MoonClan. She made MoonClan!
    MoonClan is descended from ShadowClan, one of the original Clans of us warrior Clans.
    Then there is EchoClan, which is descended from WindClan, and AuraClan, which is descended from RiverClan, and TreeClan. Descended from ThunderClan!
    We all had tragedies to make these new Clans.

    "Everyone old enough to catch their own prey, gather beneath the MoonRock!" that's Silverstar. Cloudheart, my dad, ushers me Daisykit and Emberkit out of the nursery.
    "Emberkit," Silverstar starts. "You are now, Emberpaw. Your mentor is Cloudheart." What? No! I wanted my father to be my mentor!
    "Daisykit," Silverstar starts again, "you are now Daisypaw. Your mentor will be Thrushpelt." Now Daisypaw… is going to be a warrior? I feel faint.
    "Winterkit," Silverstar stares at me. I go forward. "You are now Winterpaw. Your mentor is Hollywhisker."
    NOOO! Hollywhisker is the medicine cat… that was to be my sister!

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905 days ago
This is a beautiful poem
909 days ago
Thx I make other poems if you wanna read them
1383 days ago
Ooh! Drama! I love it! Please add more!