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The choice.

2 Chapter - 1.003 Words - Developed by:
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Emma lives with her partner Adam, and they have a cockapoo called Noah. But when Emma's best friend Mark comes to stay, he confesses his love for her and Emma has to choose.

Mark has been there for her for as long as she can remember, but Adam is the love of her life and they have been together for 6 years... Who will she choose?

    “Beeeep” “Beeeeep”
    As I reach to hit snooze, a streak of the early sun light breaks through the curtains and sends a message to my brain: ‘It’s way too early for this Emma’
    As a reply, I dive back down under my covers…
    “A few more minutes” I say to myself, slowly closing my eyes and returning to my enchanting dream.

    My lips turn cold, and I awake – squinting my eyes – to a wet dog panting on top of me.
    As I turn to the side, avoiding Noah’s kisses, I notice a broad figure entangled in the bed sheets next to me.

    I gradually bring myself to a sitting position, and reach for my phone.
    “9am, time for breakfast.”
    I slip my feet into my snug, pink slippers and make my way downstairs to the kitchen.

    My phone pinged, and I scanned my eyes across the screen. Mark was coming round, I was so excited.

    Mark; My best friend. I met him in a café near covent garden. He came rushing in through the door, his face smothered in giggles and smiles. Mistaking me for a waitress, he asked me where the toilet was, unsure of the answer, my poor face went bright red, and suddenly there were people calling me over to their tables. I immediately burst out into series of laughter. He was so confused. That story always reminds me of the joy I experience with him.

    I read the message out-loud: "Hey Em, coming round about 12ish, I have so many ideas of what we could do xx see you soonnn"

    He is soooo creative.

    "Em!" Shouted a familiar voice down the stairs.
    "In here A!" I shouted back.

    Adam; The love of my life. We have been together for 6 years now. He was a friend of my sister. We met at her birthday party, she was turning 19. Myself and A are 3 years older, it only took a month for Adam to convince me to go out with him. We moved in together just 2 months ago. And I know it's soon, but as soon as we could we decided to get a puppy: Noah.

    The doorbell rang. And I knew straight away who it was. I ran over to invite him in and as the door creaked open, he opened his arms and wrapped them around me.
    "Mark!" I exclaimed; Happy to see him again.
    I grabbed his bags and dragged them inside.

    He told me of his brilliant ideas: a walk along the seaside with Noah, making a fort out of blankets and pillows in the living room, and of course ice cream in the city centre (boho gelato obviously), surrounded by the cute little family shops.

    I couldn't wait.

    As we stroll along the seaside, Mark turns to me. Taking both my hands in his.

    "Emma" he says, gently.
    I'm too nervous to reply, I don't know what’s going on, and I really hope it doesn't ruin our relationship. He tells me that he has feelings for me, and hopes that soon enough I will feel the same.

    I try to tell him that my heart is with Adam, and that Adam and I were getting on really well. And that I have never seen Mark in that way.

    I don't want to lose my best friend. But, I can't deal with the situation.

    I hear echoes of Mark's voice in my head over and over again, I can feel my face get redder, and hotter, and redder and hotter. And everything seems so dizzy.

    But in the background, I see a silhouette getting closer. It was Adam.

    He runs up to me, not knowing of what had recently occurred, he puts his hands round me and squeezes me tight. Making me not want to let go. I feel safe. He then whispers in my ear.

    "I know about you and Mark. And I want you to know that I love you Em. And I can't see my life without you"

    This sparks of my upsetting reaction. They just see this as a competition, and I'm, I'm the PRIZE!

    "Emma?" Mark calls out to me.
    I can't deal with this.

    Adam knows full well how I feel, and so does mark.
    "I’ll see you at home Em". as he steps out onto the road, I hear a high pitch squealing, and then suddenly a BANG.

    "Adam!" I hear Mark scream out. And then a cascade of screaming, and a stampede of running.

    I don't know what to do. Where’s Adam? Mark? What happened? What is happening?

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200 days ago
WOW! That was great! Such a great cliffhanger too. I really wanna know what happens next!
886 days ago
I looove it!!

for starters what's it about, it's very confusing to me.