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Love you too

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This is a short story about an anonymous girl and her boyfriend

    She stood on top of the building, looking down at the sidewalk below her. Why did he have to die? She loved him, he loved her. Swallowing, she took a deep breath and jumped. As the wind whistled through her hair, she focused on her memories.

    -Memory #1-
    Laughter. They were watching YouTube together, something they did every Saturday.
    Smiling, he brushed away his blond hair. She blushed before turning back to the screen.

    -Memory #2-
    They were going swimming today, something they only did on their birthdays. She stood on the edge of the pool, a bit nervous. He waited in the water, smiling at her. Taking a deep breath, she slid into the pool.

    -Memory #3-
    Screams. Shattering glass. The tires screeched as the car slid off the bridge into the swirling water below. People stared as they fell. He grabbed her hand, held it tight. She shut her eyes..

    -Memory #4-
    The hospital bed was soft, but she was focused on him. He opened his eyes and looked at her. He used sign language to speak to her- I love you. She wiped her eyes and signed back- Love u, too.

    -Memory #5-
    Rain. It streamed down on the coffin, trickling into the dirt. She choked back her tears, trying not to cry. Slowly, she signed- I miss you.

    She opened her eyes. The sidewalk was close now, taunting her. People screamed as she fell, tears falling from her eyes. She smiled. He loved her for who she was, and that kept her from going crazy. When the sidewalk was only 20 feet away, she unfolded her dragon wings, and flew away.

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52 days ago
Omg you are so talented
723 days ago
I agree thus us amazing and beautiful and I think this has a hidden meaning. .. I loved it!
844 days ago
It’s so beautiful!
994 days ago
Ow... Such a depressing story. I could kinda actually picture the characters and what was happening in my mind while I read through it. I do like the ending though, And it feels like there is some kind of meaning behind this story. Anyway, good job. It's well written.