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On the Run

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Hey guys. Hope you are reading this. If you are then, thank you. There will be some fluff in this story. If you have heard of Jomas Sandart this is what On the Run is about.

Jon's POV
One month before

"Morning honeybee", I hear a deep voice say. I open my eyes to find Thomas on top of me. "Morning", I reply in a raspy voice, "How did you sleep last night?" "Great, now that I'm with you", says Thomas in a sexy tone.
He leans in to kiss me when I kiss him more passionately, pushing him back on the bed. We stay there like that for about 5 minutes, when I hear my alarm go off to wake up.

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683 days ago
I think it is. Cat Lover, is it?
810 days ago
umm is this a gay story?