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Bunk'd Zuri and Griff- The Shock!

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When Zuri and Griff finally reveal their feelings toward each other, things go a little overboard....


Zuri glanced across the river at the brown haired boy. The boy of her dreams. His name was Griff Jones.

Zuri sighed happily as she watched him paddle his boat. The wind lifted his hair off of his forehead, blowing the wisps around. He saw Zuri looking and waved.

Zuri immediately blushed and looked away.

Griff began to paddle back to shore. He used the raft to steady himself as he climbed out. "Hey, Zuri. What's up?" He asked.

Zuri shrugged. "Not much. What about you?"

Griff nodded towards the boat. "Just taking my boat out for a sail. I needed to make sure she wasn't getting any leaks."

Zuri smiled. "She looks perfect to me."

Griff looked at the boat. "Thanks. She's still a bit of a fixer upper, but nothing I can't manage!" He rolled his sleeves up.

Zuri couldn't help but stare at his arms. Strong. Muscular. Perfect.

Griff looked at her. "Do you want to come out with me tomorrow? I could use some company?"

Zuri nodded eagerly. "Yeah! Sounds fun!"

Griff smiled crookedly at her. "Cool. See ya then!"

Zuri waved. "Bye!"

Griff waved back. "Bye!"

The next day, they met at the dock as decided. Griff handed Zuri a life vest. "Here. Put this on."

Zuri slipped on the neon orange vest. She fastened the buckles in the front, but she couldn't reach the back ones.

Griff watched her. "Do you need some help?"

Zuri blushed. "Yeah. That would be nice."

Griff walked over and stood behind Zuri. He took the buckles and firmly fastened them together. His touch sent shivers up Zuri's spine.

"You're good." He said.

Zuri smiled. "Thanks, Griff. Do you need help?"

Griff shook his head. "I put mine on earlier. Thanks, though." He didn't want to admit that he wouldn't mind having Zuri touch his back. He untied the boat from the dock and helped Zuri in. He climbed in after her.

"Are you all set?" He asked.

Zuri nodded. "Yeah! Let's go!"

Griff took out two oars. He handed one to Zuri and kept the other.

They began to move. Once they were farther out, Griff stopped paddling. "We can take a rest here if you want."

Zuri shrugged. "Okay!" She felt her heart pound. She was alone on a boat with Griff in the middle of a lake.

Griff was also a little anxious. He was worried that Zuri wouldn't like him if he screwed up, and he liked her a lot. "So. What should we talk about?" He asked.

Zuri thought for a minute. "Why don't we play a game?"

Griff nodded. "Sounds fun. What game?"

"How about Never Have I Ever?"

Griff shrugged. "Okay! Do you want to start?"

"Okay... Let's see.." Zuri said. "Oh! I know! Never Have I Ever survived a camp meal without finding something gross in it!"

Griff laughed. "I haven't either! Just this morning I found a hair ball in my oatmeal!"

Zuri laughed. "Your turn."

Griff looked up at the sky. "Never Have I Ever had the guts to tell someone I like them."

Zuri fell silent as she looked at Griff. "I haven't either... But if you don't mind me asking... Who do you like?"

Griff blushed. "I'll tell you if you tell me." He looked down at the water.

Zuri cleared her throat. "Fine. How about we say it together?"

Griff nodded. "Okay. Let's do it. One..."



Griff blushed even harder. "Zuri, I like you!" He managed, just as Zuri said "Griff, it's you!"

They were both quiet for a minute.

Griff couldn't believe it. Zuri liked him back!

Zuri felt her heart race faster as the silence drew on. She couldn't believe Griff liked her!

Griff offered Zuri a smile. "This is kind of weird."

Zuri nodded. "Tell me about it!"

Then they both burst out laughing. They laughed and laughed until their lungs hurt.

Then Zuri got serious. "When you say you like me... Do you mean you like me, or you LIKE like me?"

"I LIKE like you, Zuri... Will you be my girlfriend?" Asked Griff. He held his breath as she considered.

Zuri smiled. Her eyes grew wet. "Yes. Yes, of course I will, Griff!" She threw her arms around him and held on.

Griff was a bit taken aback, but he hugged her back. When they finally broke apart, Griff smiled at her. Zuri smiled back.

"We should probably start to paddle back now." Griff said.

Zuri grabbed her paddle. "Okay! Let's go!"

They talked and laughed the whole way back. When they reached the dock, it was past midnight!

"Thanks for taking me, Griff. I had a lot of fun." Zuri said, wringing out a piece of hair.

Griff chuckled. "Of course! Anything for you, Zuri!"

They walked back to their cabins together, arm in arm.

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594 days ago
boy they so young and griff don't got muscles.........
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I want to see what happens next!
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this is nothing like zuri and griff btw ZURI IS ONLY 11 OR MAYBE 12 IDK
767 days ago
I love this story. I always been interested in Griff Jones and Zuri Ross relationship.love the fact they are dating. Now this is my favorite story.plz plz write more
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That's wierd. Zuri never reads a book. Like NEVER.
907 days ago
PLZ PLZ PLZ write more!!! I wanna know about the wedding!!! :D
910 days ago
They are acting nothing like zuri and griff
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i completely agreee with savvy g. we need a second part about the wedding. really good storp
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weird. uncomfortable. kinda fun to read
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OMG this was so good plz plz plz plz write a second part
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Omg olive I love this you need to make a second part PLEASE!!!!!!
1095 days ago
I loved the story an i can't wait for the next chapter
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omgthis was so juscyi love it
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I have a crush too..............................