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Maggie has never been in a situation like this. Especially with her crush there, too. If they fall for each other, who knows what Paradise will give them?


Maggie stared out the car window, trying not to look at the young man sitting next to her, his thigh brushing hers. Eric had been her crush since the beginning of sixth grade, and she could never get over her crush on him, even though she was now in high school. This was an extremely awkward moment for the both of them. Maggie kept sneaking glances at him as her mother drove down one exit. She found him simply attractive, from his reddish brown hair to his gorgeous pale green eyes. Those beautiful eyes met hers for a moment, and he smiled his perfect smile, the one that Maggie loved so much.
Eric couldn’t stop staring at her either. He loved all her features. Her flowing locks of chestnut brown hair, her enchanting blue eyes. He just couldn’t get enough of her. How much he wanted to hold her, to kiss her….
Maggie recalled the scene that had happened only a few hours ago. When her mother had invited Eric to go on their yearly vacation to New Hampshire. Maggie has only mentioned Eric to her mother, Nicole, about a week ago. Then, the next thing she knew her mom was inviting him to go with them. Another awkward thing that she found out later was that they would have to share a room, with two beds, a kitchen, and a bathroom.
Maggie knew, she would fall for him hard. She would just have to hold back until he left.
When they arrived at the hotel, it was about nine at night. After they all unpacked the car, Nicole said,” Now, you guys go straight to bed.”
Maggie and Eric looked at each other, then quickly ran off to their room. She went into the bathroom to change while he started taking things out of his bag.
He looked up just as she came out. His eyes roamed her up and down. She was in a black tank top and shorts. She was just so beautiful…..
He snapped back to reality when she walked up to him and put a hand on his shoulder. “You okay?” She murmured,, her eyes never leaving his.
“Y-yeah! Of course!” He stammered, and laid down on his bed.
She laid down on hers and stared at the ceiling.
Eric knew that he wanted to make a move before it was too late. He slowly rose and walked over to her bed, where he got in next to her. She turned to face him with a confused expression.
“What’s wrong?” She whispered.
He didn’t even hesitate to answer. He knew what he wanted to do.

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1008 days ago
Ahem. I need more. I need to know not just about their future family, but the conflict as well. Did someone else want Eric or Maggie? Just some advice.
1040 days ago
cool cool but u can't leave me hanging write more
1605 days ago
If anyone reads this, please be gentle 😉😉