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Love With a Price

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They knew each other when they were kids, friends in secret. Grew up and fell in love. But, their families are rival gangs. Will their family accept or will they die?

1976 A cute little girl, with brown hair and blue-green eyes, and around the age of seven, spotted a boy that she has never seen before. He also had b

A cute little girl, with brown hair and blue-green eyes, and around the age of seven, spotted a boy that she has never seen before. He also had brown hair except his eyes were dark brown, almost black. She went up to him but as she did, the boy backed away.

"Why are you scared of me?" she asked.
"I'm not scared." the boy replied.
"Then why are you backing a way from me?"
"I'm not supposed to talk to you."
"Because, my father does not like your father and told me to not associate with anyone that is related to him. And that's you. You're his kid."
"Oh. Why does your dad not like my dad?"
"I don't know. Maybe because they're always fightin'"
"Can I know you're name?"
"So, that way I can tell my friends and cousins to not talk to you."
"Oh, OK. I'm Bruce and you are Angie."
"HUH, how did you know my name?" Angie asked in awe.
"Because my dad told me and you are seven."
"How old are you?"
"Ten, I'm almost eleven."
------------------------------------------------ -----------------------
Bruce went home and wondered for the rest of the day why he couldn't play with Angie. He had always thought that she was mean and rude and spoiled, but after today he wanted to be her friend.

"Father, how come I can't talk to Angie?"
"Why do you ask?"
" 'Cause I met her today." he said as he looked at his father. "It was an accident." he added quickly.
"Because, we are rival gangs and as gangs we don't associate with anyone from that gang. Ok, son." His dad asked sternly as he looked down at Bruce.
"Ok, Father." And with that he walked away to go to his room. Bruce had other ideas though. He thought that tomorrow he will go back to the spot that they met. Hopefully she would be there.
------------------------------------------------ ----------------------
"Dad, can I play with Bruce tomorrow? I know that his dad told him not to play with me, but you didn't say that I couldn't play with him. So can I?" Angie asked as she looked up to her dad, hoping that he would say yes.
"Um, you can't play with him, sweetie, Ok." He told her as he saw that his answer did not please her. "The reason for that honey, is that.... um..... how do I put this? His father and I are rival gangs. So, that means we don't talk or play with each other. Get it now?"
"No, but if you don't want me to play with him then I won't."
"Now, that's my good girl." he said as he ruffled her hair.
------------------------------------------------ -----------------------
The next day

Bruce waited patiently for Angie to come out. He's been there for nearly an hour and it was killing him. He had already planned out how they would meet everyday and what they would do and how they should do it. But, if she didn't like what he wanted to do then he would let her choose. Mother, always said that if the girl doesn't like it then let her choose, and that is what he was going to do.

"Finally, you're here!" Bruce exclaimed as he saw Angie coming from behind the fence. "I've been waiting for an hour now."
"What do you mean?" she asked all confused.
"I figured out a way so that we could play together." he said proudly. "I take after my Father."
"But, my dad just told me that I couldn't talk to you or play with you. I asked him yesterday."
"So, what. We're part of a gang. Gangs are bad which makes us bad. So us seeing each other in secret is part of our life."
"Really! I never thought about it that way. Ok, what do you want to do?"
"You want to climb over the fence and come to my side and go to the lake?"
"Yes!" And with that she tried to climb over the fence but she couldn't since she was short. "Help me. Please." Bruce climbed over the fence and went to her side.
"Why don't we just go to your side and you could show me it." Bruce told her with a smile as she turned around to hug him.

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110 days ago
113 days ago
Very good , but i'm crying now.
143 days ago
This was an amazing book. And the ending is sad.
228 days ago
785 days ago
Oh, Bruce. At least he died with a heart of love and a little more mustache than I ever imagined.
830 days ago
...I excpected a happy ending WHY DID BRUCE HAVE TO DIE NOOOOOOOOOOO D':
831 days ago
912 days ago
We are already a complete club. We can't have more members or our book is going to go wrong
913 days ago
Hello I'm a member of the writing club and here is our master piece.
We have turns to write it so you'll notice a difference between the chapters.
Please give it a chance.
If you have any comments (good or bad) visit us in our page (which is in the comments of the chapter. )

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940 days ago
Excuse my name... but that book it. was. so. good. you need to make another
954 days ago
Ig it was based off of Romeo and Juliet, but I was mainly inspired by the movie Ishaqzaade and the song Chal Wahan Jaate Hain by Arjit Singh
1051 days ago
so sad its really good
1061 days ago
1085 days ago
This is an amazing book I loved it and please make a sequal!
1109 days ago
i knoe a lot about writing and this short story had a reallly great concept but during some parts epecially the fight sence in the second chapter it was just this thne this then this then this. try flushing it out with metaphors, similies what not, just make it more that just one thing after the other because that's boring. I also have a question, was this based off of romeo and juliet? that is such a classic. other then the this then this then this then this great job!
1145 days ago
Good but sad
1181 days ago
I love India but I'm not Indian at all.
1206 days ago
ps i'm also indian!!!
1206 days ago
omg the beginning is so adorable!!
I looove it!! :DD
1271 days ago
Awww.... That was cute but sad... You did an amazing job!