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Two Girls In Love

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Two girls, Lola and Beatrice, meet each other at a park and start chatting. Eventually, the fall in love with each other and begin dating. There are some problems along the way. Lola’s parents are VERY homophobic, and Beatrice’s parents just got a divorce, and she didn’t want to give them any more big news to think about. And the girls want to keep their sexuality and the fact that they’re dating a secret. So what happens when they have to announce what’s really going on between them?

Beatrice was taking her little brother, Jake, to the park. He was going crazy at home, and Beatrice couldn’t handle it any longer. The minute they reached the park, Jake ran away, and Beatrice plopped down on one of the many benches. She pulled out her phone and starting texting her boyfriend, Tyler, whom she’d only been dating for a week.
She said “Hi”.
Tyler replied back. “Hey”.
“How are you?”
“I’m good, what about you?”
“I’m ok, I guess. I had to take my brother to the park. Ugh!”
“Ha, fun.”
“Yeah, not really lol.”
“Well anyways, I miss you Beatrice. You’re so beautiful.”
Beatrice paused. She didn’t know what to say. The truth was, she was only dating Tyler because she was super popular and she would’ve felt bad if she had turned him down when he asked her out. So she said yes. But nobody really knew the truth about Beatrice. She wasn’t straight, like everyone thought she was. No.
Beatrice was actually bisexual.

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209 days ago
270 days ago
I have a hard time hiding that I’m lesbian at school.I kinda like someone in my class named Leah.She is one of those “popular “ kids.I’m just a basic kid around school.She is straight but I won’t stop liking her
280 days ago
280 days ago
Now im sorry, if this is someone you know, or is your real name but

I find the name BEAT-RICE amusing...........sorry..........
330 days ago
@Lizzie I am also in the closet I've been trying to drop hints but they won't work and also I'm more attracted to girls now I even had a gf for a week or two but it didn't really work but yeah!😊
367 days ago
This story was good
524 days ago
i loved it especially the happy ending. great work ;-(
592 days ago
hii, so i wrote this story over a year ago and i honestly cringe when i look at it. i think the plot is weird and i dont understand why i made two strangers break up with their former relationships for each other. i also completely forgot to add the part with the parents so whoops. just wanted to say ty to everyone who commented such sweet things. i personally dont like the way i wrote this story, but the fact that i have gotten nothing but sweet comments written by people who acc liked this means a lot, so thank you so much. i promise my writing has gotten so much better. i now write actual good stories lol, and maybe i'll post more on here one day. ty for the love and support, it means so much! have an amazing day! and remember; you are beautiful, strong, and amazing. be you and only you. i love you
592 days ago
@♡ HerBloodRateLessons ♡ i'm so sorry, just know there are so many people who love you. you are amazing just the way you are.
660 days ago
It is kinda weird because I’m bisexual but I like girls more so I’m on the same page with Naomi, but I haven’t come out yet because scared help me please
700 days ago
I really liked it. It was cute, I'm bi sexual but mostly to guys.
704 days ago
Eugh I thought it would be about a boy and a girl, not 2 girls. I thought the two girls in the title were best friends
709 days ago
They are lucky.. They didnt get teased for being lesbian. :/
And they lived a happy life..
Most of us do.
709 days ago
716 days ago
i really liked this it was nice and wholsome thats somthing that in my opinon is kinda rare .
754 days ago
my gf and I met online tho but we didn’t know each other
754 days ago
wow thank was a good story I myself am gay and it was pretty relatable but my parents aren’t homophobic
859 days ago
Nice girl, This is like how a writer’s story. OwO
937 days ago
Kittz_Frenz Ik it doesn’t make sense and is kinda weird at some parts but like I said, I was rushing and didn’t rlly focus on making every part filled with detail. I’m much better at writing stories now, but I just wanted to see how my first one on here would do. And I’m a person too. So even if u don’t like the story, u don’t need to complain. Also, if u didn’t like it, why did u keep reading the whole thing anyway?
1013 days ago
Well. Their parents??