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A Journey Through Sexuality

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Hi, My name is Kloe, and I'm here to tell you my personal experience through sexuality. Sexuality is unique- but can also be tough and confusing. This is how I came out, and how I fell in love.

"Kloe, time for school," My dad yelled from downstairs.
I collected my things and ran to the bus stop, giving my dad a hug on the way out.
The other people on the bus were louder than my brothers, which I found hard to realize. It was also uncomfortably warm on the bus, and I had dressed for the cold, as it was autumn, which was usually a chilly season.
After I got to my school, I went to my locker and filled it with my belongings. I was the new student this year, and I had no idea who anybody was.
I walked to my class and sat in the very back row, and in the corner. I didn't know anybody, and I had stopped trying to make friends as this was my seventh move. Of course, I listened to the teacher, but I was too shy to raise my hand and ask questions. Unfortunately, she made everybody (including me) introduce themselves and say a thing or two.
Eventually, the teacher got to me. I froze and felt my face burn up. Everyone was staring at me, waiting for me to introduce myself to the class. I stood up and smiled awkwardly.
"H-hi, my name is Kloe, and I'm new here... and I, uh,... love to... uhhhhh..."
A few students began to snicker and whisper to their friends, as I stood there, blushing and not knowing what to say.
The teacher noticed I was struggling and moved on. "Thank you, Kloe."
After everybody had introduced themselves, advisory was over and we were headed to first period. The teacher rambled on and on about the rules, as it was the first day. Two other girls changed seats and sat right next to me.
"Hey, you're Kloe, right? My name is Shay, and I was wondering if you wanted to sit with us at lunch." One of the girls asked.
I smiled and nodded. "Sure.."
The girl besides Shay introduced herself as Marisa.
I was happy that I had a place to sit at lunch.
Eventually, lunchtime came. Everybody had friends to sit with, even me! I sat right next to Marisa, and Shay came to sit across of me. I recognized one of the girls at the table, she was that girl that was staring at me weirdly earlier. She noticed that it was me, and started staring at me again, which made me uncomfortable. There was a short haired girl next to her, who was apparently named Anna. I later found out the the girl who had been staring at me was named Amelia.
By the time school was over, I had a feeling that it was going to be a good year.

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