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The guy that likes me

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This is one of my brothers’ best friends, and my sisters’ old crush-but now her enemy for a reason I can’t get out of her.

    Why do you like me?
    You’ve scooted closer to me, and done it more than three times. When I asked if my glasses were crooked, you could have said “they’re fine” or “no, they’re not” but you told me I looked nice. I embarrassed myself, and still you sat by me. You made me laugh, and partnered yourself with me before you partnered anyone else up. After I won some game, you told me I was amazing and looked ready to hug me-but instead you high-fived. In an independent game, you had the ball to get me out, and I was three feet away. But you ignored me. It happened twice. Then you told our team we were not working together or spreading out, but then said “except for (my name) cause she’s-“ then you abruptly stopped yourself. You showed off, especially when I was around. In a water battle, I shot you with the hardest one there, and then you still made conversation afterwards.

    But then, it’s all so confusing cause when my brother got me out, you looked me in the eyes and clapped for my failure.

    Here’s the reason why I don’t like you back: a boy was bullied by your best friend and I didn’t see you stand up for him. I’ll ask you about it, though, because I don’t want to jump to conclusions or make assumptions.

    I’m just a random girl, you could like so many others. Such popular girls at your school, and you choose me? I’m pimply, I’ve got glasses and braces, and I’ve never worn a crop top or extremely short shorts. Every day I wear my hair in a messy bun, and if it’s down it’s so frizzy. My tan amounts to red ears. I constantly pick my fingernails, so they always are disgustingly terrible. I’d like to know...why do you like me?

    So this is a letter I’ve wanted to get down on paper that’s for the guy that likes me. Only in my imagination would I have the guts to give it to him.

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1015 days ago
Thank you! I’m glad you like my quizzes
1099 days ago
Wow, my bet is that he like you. And I love most of your quizzes! (Not to be creepy)
1251 days ago
This was developed in August and I still like him
1265 days ago
He stared at me right at my eyes. I stared back and didn’t crack up cuz he was funny, creepy, and cute all at the same time. I was proud of myself lol
1266 days ago
Guys so on Monday I took class with him and he was in front of me in the rows.
Anyways so we were practicing saying some things for testing out loud. The row in front of mine was told to turn around and comment on what we were doing wrong/right.
He stared right at me and widened his eyes (I think it was an unofficial staring contest) and didn’t blink while I said the stuff.
1268 days ago
Ok thanks NHYT but sorry I can’t change the title 🤔🤫
1272 days ago
This story is super sweet and romantic but i would like to give a suggestion: change the title to WHO likes me instead of THAT coz the guy is a human....😬😬😬
1317 days ago
It’s not Thursday yet but I remembered other things. A negative: he groaned when paired with me for sparring. Typical me, I whacked him with my (padded) combat stick. Before the match even started, I was moved to a different partner again. So now I don’t know what to think.
Plus I don’t want to like him, but I still do, and since he starts conversations and things like that I can’t ignore him without being obvious about it. And I can’t bring myself to tell him that I don’t like him, because I do but don’t want to. Also if I just force myself to stop liking him,because that what I want to do, I’d feel horrible telling him that because I don’t want to hurt him. Wow sorry again for a long boring comment/gossip about my life.
1318 days ago
Ok!!! Plus, (the list keeps on going) I sat purposefully far away enough that we couldn’t have a conversation, to see what he would do. He walked up and asked a random question (I think it was what time does class start, taekwondo class). Even though he had come this early, same as me, and he literally takes the class every week. I’ll probably see if anything else happens this Thursday because that’s about the only class he takes. I know, I’m stalking him to find out which ones he’s in.
Wow this was a really long comment, sry.
1318 days ago
Ooohh that's a sign
1354 days ago
AddyNick lol 😂
Another thing he did was give me his ball in dodgeball.
1362 days ago
I've read about people swearing on a lot of different things. But crushes? That's new! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
1363 days ago
That’s super helpful, thx.
1363 days ago
I'm pretty sure he likes u! Maybe talk to him about the bullying incident and make him look u in the eyes and to swear on his crush (most probs u 😀) not to lie.

That's what I would do anyways 👍
1368 days ago
AddyNick Ok, that’s reassuring. Thanks!
1368 days ago
It seems like he likes you, and not your imagination. But I've never met either of you, so IDK
1381 days ago
I’d like to know...does he really like me, or is that my imagination? Also, how do I ask him about the bullying? If he did stand up to bullies, I would like him.