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Wish You Were Gone 1

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Freddie knows the bullies at her school. She used to be in their group. But was doing the right thing, sitting with the nerd boy at lunch, really the right thing to do?

Freddie walked by her old pals, wondering what they would say today. She found her regular table, and waited for Tim. She glanced over at Chrissy and Viola.
Popular kids.
Freddie’s true group.
When Freddie was in 6th grade, Chrissy and Viola were her best, and only friends. They were all into theater, and always got bigger roles than the rest of their classmates. They always wore their hair in braids, and always wore makeup. They always had a boyfriend, and always were kissing in the halls.
But not anymore.
Freddie hadn’t had a boyfriend since the end of seventh grade. It was the end of eighth now, and she was craving a kiss.
Tim plopped down on the hard, plastic table and began chomping on the orange fries served at lunch that day.
“Hi,” she responded, playing with her chicken tenders.
She never wanted to be friends with Tim. She wanted her old besties back. She wanted to be cool again.

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332 days ago
so good! love it! awesome!
742 days ago
For those wondering, no, this is not true, but honestly it would be sooo adorable if it was. I’m so glad you guys enjoyed the series. ❤️ Your love and support make me feel amazing and like I am important. Thank you!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
God Bless,
Gracie Lynn
746 days ago
Yeah! Is it true??? Whether it's true or not it's AWESOME!!!! 😉
866 days ago
i just finished the whole series you have to make more books just HAVE to
866 days ago
soo sorry im super glitchy
866 days ago
is this story like true or what? also I love these book series
1024 days ago
Sorry for you loss!!! :(
1024 days ago
Oh, I didn’t know you wrote a lot of stuff! I read your “10 thoughts I’ve had in quarantine”.
1037 days ago
y’all those last two comments made me cry... you do not realize how special and how much those mean to me.
I seriously cannot thank you guys enough for supporting me through this series, and being so kind. This past year has been the toughest ever, and those comments made up for it. Thank you for reading the books, they mean the world to me.
God bless 🖤
1040 days ago
This is so sweet! Thank you for writing it, it touched my heart!
I am so sorry for your loss.
1040 days ago
This book series is AMAZING!!!! thank you soooooooo much for writing it, you are such a talented writer!💕💕💕💜💜💜 THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!
1211 days ago
Whoops.. heheh, well not until this weekend now lol
1214 days ago
hayyy! just to let y’all know, I am working hard on Part 4! Should be coming out sometime soon, maybe around Friday..?
Thanks for reading, your reads are very much appreciated!
1227 days ago
Part 3 is out!
Side note- P3 is about Freddie’s home life! It’s not the life most world expect, though..
read to find out! 🖤🖤🖤
1236 days ago
Part 3 coming soon! Be on the look out! 🖤🖤🖤
1243 days ago
Heyiello! Love this story!
1245 days ago
Hey Guys! So thankful this is now out!!! 100 reads means part 3, so please read and comment 🖤🖤🖤