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The love of a lover

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    As I peared into the eyes of my future husband I knew he was the one. I saw galaxies in his eyes. When I looked at him a burning was placed in my heart. He lit a fire that could not be turned off. Monday morning, he said "good morning y/n" and my heart fluttered. I screamed on the inside but no one could hear. I didn't know what to do except run away with love carrying my feet. For the rest of the day the only thing I could think about was his gorgeous, perfectly well constructed, godlike nose. It was gorgeous. I would sit in class and think about the sexiness of his nose, I couldn't stop thinking about it. He made me want to jump. I was lost. I became him. All I wanted was to be his. One day, at lunch I was eating a Lemon Thyme Herb cookie, he came up and asked for a bite. I didn't know what to say except "you can have a bite of me." He looked at me, dazed, confused, wondering how he should respond to my odd calling. He said "yeah sure, pizza after school?" I said yes a million times yes. I would do anything to be his. Anything. I went home and took 4 tests to see if he actually loved me. 3/4 said he didn't, but 1, 1 lucky test told me he loved me. And my heart skipped a beat. It came to the time for pizza, I was worried, sweating profusely, but so excited. I knew he would feel the spark too. We arrived at CSX Pizza, the best pizza place in (insert your city name). He bought me a slice, but it felt like he bought a slice of my heart. He said "want anything else?" I said quickly but quietly "to be yours." He said maybe, maybe one day you will. And I knew from the bottom of my heart that I was going to be his. I began to see eternity in his eyes, while he began to see a galaxy. As I walked out of the pizza place, I realized I didn't know his name. His name was- Bob Duncan. My mouth drooled, my eyes watered, I felt like I just entered heaven. But I had just entered the Bob Duncan exterminator car. I didn't know what to do but cry and scream "YES" finally he would become mine. And shortly, approximately 3 days later, he became mine. I made him a quesadilla and he saw galaxies and eternity in my eyes.

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1270 days ago
Wow! This was amazing!!! I can't stress enough how I loved this so muchhh 💖💖💖💞💞💟❣💛💌💌💜💚💓💚❤💔💙💕💗💗💕💗💔

It was so touching as well 😭😭💙💜💚💚💙💜
1293 days ago
Wow this really touched me deeply😭😭😭😭