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Sad Love Story

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True story about my first and only crush

    I started liking this guy in fifth grade. We had known each other since preschool and we were really good friends. Before I started to like him all my friends said we would be a cute couple. When I first started to like him I only told my best friend. Nothing major happened in fifth grade but I continued to like him through sixth grade. In sixth grade I started to tell people that I liked him before long almost half the grade knew and they all assumed he liked me back. I thought he liked me back too since we were such close friends. One night at a football game we were all playing spin the bottle (hugs only) and every time it landed on us he would give me a hug but when it landed on other girls and him he would either give them a side hug or a high five. Because of this I assumed he really liked me. I was constantly told by my friends that he liked me. I continued to like him through sixth grade and the summer before seventh grade he made a group chat with me and my best friend. We talked on this all the time. At a football game one night his friend told me he liked me. He said he knew I liked pineapples and he had a picture of me in his phone. He said he talked about me a lot. I was thrilled I told his friend he needed to hurry up and ask me out. About a week later the same guy told me he didn’t like me. I was devastated but I told the guy I never liked him anyways. I told all my friends I was over him. Some didn’t believe me but a few did. Then at cross country practice about a week later he told me that he liked my best friend. I told him I liked a guy from our church so that he wouldn’t suspect that I had ever liked him. But it all made since to me, the reason he hung out with me is because she was always with me. He wanted to hang out with her not me. The reason he made the group chat is so he could talk to her without it being awkward not me. It still hurts me a little to think that I liked him for 3 years and I thought he liked me back when the real reason he talked to me was because he liked my best friend. I haven’t liked anyone since then I’m kind of scared. I don’t want that to happen again I don’t want to get hurt again.

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465 days ago
Aww that’s so sad! I hope you find love soon.
588 days ago
sooooooooooooo sad /_ \
716 days ago
871 days ago
Awwwwwww that's so sad😥
1089 days ago
I'm so sorry this happened but I'm sure your way prettier !
And the one who should be hurt is him because he basically just lost the chance to be in love with someone really special(which is you) :D