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Ways to see if your crush likes you!

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The stress, the anxiety, the horror everyone experiences when this question is asked- Do They like me?

Do they do many of these things? Maybe they feel the same way... 😊

    The Basics-

    Do they look or stare at you? This is a tell tale sign!

    Do they look at you if something happens during class/work? This means that they like to see your reaction to this. Which means they care!

    Do they compliment you, or even try to get close to you? Again, tell tale Signs! There are more of these too! Just be on the lookout!

    Do their feet point toward you, ever?

    I found out this was a sign of liking someone just a year ago, so this one must be a fairly unknown sign.

    Even if you don’t know it, if your crush is nearby, your feet will point to them. Don’t believe me? Try it out!

    Once you are aware of this, you can train yourself not to do it, like I have, though.

    Do they tease or make fun of you?

    Again, tell tale sign, but can be commonly misunderstood.

    Some people think if their crush is making fun of them, their crush hates them.


    Unless you and your crush are sworn enemies, they most likely are teasing you for some reason because they like you and don’t know how else to control their liking.

    This is mostly true for boys, so if you are crushing on a boy, this is what they will most likely do.

    Have teachers paired you two up for projects?

    Believe it or not, teachers are good at figuring out who likes who. Once they know your friends and how you normally act, they can tell your acting differently around your crush.

    Teachers usually want to help their students with this stuff, actually. I overheard my teachers talking about kids liking eachother! To help, they pair you two up!

    Isn’t that nice of them, tho!
    New Respect for teachers right there.

    Do they respond to all your texts?

    If you don’t have a phone, you can skip past this question. But if you text someone, your crush in particular, and they respond back quickly, it is a true sign that they have feelings for you!

    Mine does this all the time, and it ends up being quite interesting!

    Have they asked you for advice or help?

    Again, easy sign, but helpful. My crush, who sat next to me during English class, asked me constantly for a pencil to use. We chatted in class, and even looked at eachother if something funny happened.

    That’s probably why we look at eachother anytime something funny happens. It’s out of habit, I guess!

    They will ask you for something to get your attention!

    Do they try to make you laugh, or even annoy you?

    This happens very often, and just like teasing, many people think this means their crush hates them. This is not true.

    Annoying someone is a way to get them to notice him or her. It gives your crush more attention from you.

    Do they play with their hair or lick their lips around you?

    Fixing their appearance is to make sure they make a good impression on you. They want to impress you!

    This is a VERY good sign!

    Do they try to hang around you?

    This is again, another tell tale sign. But it’s a very important one! The more they know you and the more you know them, the better you are to like them.

    Do they sometimes go off by themselves after they hang with you?

    My crush does this with his friend all the time. Maybe it’s because he wants to just chat with his friend, or maybe it’s because he wants to see if his friend thinks that YOU LIKE HIM!



    Has his friends ever brought you up when you weren’t around, or brought you up to pick on your friend?

    This happened a few days ago to a friend of mine. I never thought he had feelings for me, but a few days ago his friend joked about me and my other friend dating him.

    This is a clear sign!

    Now, these are things that I want you to realize.. ok?

    These may seem hard to grasp, but the upcoming words should be very helpful and you should really consider if these could help you.

    It’s not a bad thing if your crush knows you like them.

    The reason I started liking my crush was because he kept staring at me, which I thought was a sign that he liked me!

    Since I did it, maybe it’s the same for you or your crush too!

    Don’t try to act “perfect” around your crush.

    Nobody’s perfect. If you seem to perfect or good, they may realize that they aren’t good enough for you and think that they have too many flaws.

    We all put our crushes on a perfect throne, but they are people like us!

    We must realize that everyone has their flaws and that if your crush sees that, they will understand that you are not trying to act amazing, and that your a good, truthful person.

    That’s it! Heheheheheh

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15 days ago
hmm... ugly? huh. the ugly guys are *for my school* ugly usually bc they have disgustingly long mullets... also i'm a guy i'm just saying this.
378 days ago
So true, someone! They say there's plenty of fish in the sea but all of those around me are ugly!!!
385 days ago
i cant bleve that my crush likes me
386 days ago
I feel you someone!!!!!!!!!
388 days ago
How come all the ugly boys always like me??????????????