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I Think I Do

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"Do you really like me that much?" He asked quietly, nearly a mumble.

She nodded slowly and looked up at him "I think I do."

    "I'll see you at lunch, Jenny!" Aria shouted over her shoulder, rushing to get to her classroom upstairs. She sat down in her seat and opened the small laptop. It was a makeup day and she had nothing to do, so she opened her gmail account and typed out a quick note.

    ' Hey, Oliver! You available for a conversation for a minute? '

    She waited, tapping her fingers lightly on the computer desk, reloading the page a couple times. Just before she had given up and him responding there was a new message.

    ' hi aria gimme a sec ill sneak to the bathroom '

    ' You have terrible grammar and punctuation, you know. '

    ' yeah yeah whatever did you need something '

    Aria grinned brightly despite herself and hide her face with her sleeve.

    ' Just your company. You have Science right now, don't you? '

    ' yep. you? '

    ' Digital Literacy. Hey, can I talk to you? In person? I'll meet you at the vending machines, okay? '

    ' your the boss is something wrong? '

    ' *You're, and no. I just need to talk to you about something. It's important. '

    Aria closed her computer and raised her hand "Mrs Helen! May I use the restroom?" Her teacher nodded and told her to hurry back. Aria smiled and ran downstairs to the vending machines. Oliver was already there.

    "What's up, Aria?" Oliver asked, noticing how pink the girls face was his eyebrows furrowed "Are you feverish?" he asked, concern in his voice and on his face.

    Aria shook her head "No, I'm fine. I do have a small confession to make." She paused and took a deep breath before continuing "I like you."

    Oliver chuckled "Yeah, I like you too, dimwit, you're my best friend." avoiding the statement.

    "No, I mean, I like you like you."

    "What's that supposed to mean?" Oliver folding his arms over his chest, shifting his weight to one side. Aria grimaced a bit

    "It means I want to hug you, and kiss you, and you are my favorite thing about this whole world, and I would sacrifice anything and anyone for you in a heartbeat, and... Oliver, it means I love you."

    Oliver paused, looking down at the ground. Aria's head fell too. "Do you really like me that much?" He asked quietly, nearly a mumble.

    She nodded slowly and looked up at him "I think I do."

    Oliver looked back at her, smiling brighter than Aria had ever seen him, which was surprising seeing as he smiled a lot "I think I do too."

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1097 days ago
It was sweet 👍