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Walls between us

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Annabelle is a normal seventh grade girl. She's shy but crazy talented and smart. She tries to hide behind a mask in public to avoid being abandoned. Jason is the most popular boy in the grade. On the school football and basketball teams, he easily gets behind in school but covers it to seem in control of his life. Now, let's begin.

The first day back-

POV: Annabelle

I frantically ran around my room to get my stuff together for school. I didn't want to be a mess but that mission already crashed on the side of a mountain and burned. My sister May kept coming in and "helping" me by throwing my clothes everywhere! Eventually, my bag was packed and I hoped in the car. My bag was so heavy with all over the reams of paper my mom bought.
"Everyone ready?" She asked.
"Yes," everyone but me said.
"Meh." This was the only truthful phrase I could say. I'm an introvert so school is a nightmare! So many people that can judge you is scary. You never know what people think about you.

POV: Jason

I walked through those halls with my head held up. Even though I was extremely popular, I never had a girlfriend that I really truly liked. This is the year to do it, I tell myself as I pass a bunch of cheerleaders at their lockers. I was focusing so much on how this year was gonna be different that I ran right into a short girl I had never seen before. She had brownish blond hair and was reading a book. All she said was I'm sorry in a whisper tone. She was beautiful and clearing smart. I saw on her bookmark her name was Annabelle. I couldn't get my mind off her.

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1231 days ago
Im backkkkkkkk! thank yall so so so much ill try and make some more soon
1244 days ago
Write more please I LOVED it SO MUCH
1359 days ago
Kyaaaahhhh superr greatttttttttt!!!!!!!!!! Make more pls.... *suporting Lizzie* XD
1373 days ago
This is great! I hope you make another one soon. If you are taking Suggestions, could you possibly consider making a sci-fi story? If so thank you, I will most definitely read it.
1385 days ago
Yay! As the tables turn comes out today! So excited!
1387 days ago
I love this story!!!
1389 days ago
Y'all are the only people besides teachers that have ever seen my writing. Everyone of y'all is very important to me and the fact that 90 people have seen this in a little over a week makes me so happy. I need your ideas on what happens next my top pick will be in As The Tables Turn - the sequel to Walls Between Us. I will also be taking into consideration what y'all would like to see from me. Xo, Lizzie. PS: You are so special and loved.
1389 days ago
Eleanor and Roberto, so glad you liked my story. I'm planning a new one very soon! Stayed tuned.
1390 days ago
hello we love your story! keep writing!
1398 days ago
Hi! I'm Lizzie. I really hope you like my work. I spent a long time coming up with this concept and I hope this gets enough positive energy that I can make a second one. Xo, Lizzie.