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Crush — Points of view

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My true story (sort of)

    Kiana, Bella, Layla and Bianca are in love with the same boy, Cooper. Cooper acts like he likes all of those girls, and even told Kiana and Layla. Cooper sometimes flirts in front of those girls, especially Bianca, who is the prettiest out of Cooper’s lovers. Here are the 4 girls’ and Cooper’s point of view about what they think.

    Bella’s point of view

    Cooper told me he doesn’t have a crush on me, because I tested him with a lunchbox. I said “One side is ‘yes’ and the other side is ‘no’” and I said “Cooper likes me” and it landed on ‘yes’ but then he told me he doesn’t. Kiana was with him. Bianca said she knew who Cooper’s girlfriend is. I asked Bianca who. But Bianca an away. Cooper was staring at Bianca, blushing. Kiana looked at his face, which means ‘Cooper! You like me, not Bianca!’ I am just kidding: P. Well, I think Cooper likes me...

    For now.

    Bianca’s point of view.

    I really like this boy. He teases me, flirts and knows my first name. We are in one class together, home room. I think he likes me. He stares at me (forever) and he once tried to stand next to me! We aren’t in all classes, but he knows me well. I am too shy to ask him if he likes me or that I like him. I am too young and can only have a boyfriend in University. Which is a long way away. But I think he likes me...


    Cooper’s point of view

    Bianca, Bella, Kiana and Layla have a crush on me. I like Layla, Kiana, Bella and of course I love and adore Bianca. She stares at me. I heard Kiana tell me that Bianca loves me too! I say I have a girlfriend, and it’s Bianca. I am too shy to tell her I like her, because Bianca or Kiana is lying that they like me. I realllly want to date her, but I’m too young. Bianca and Kiana are like, BFF’s and I like both of them. They both look pretty, but Bianca is so pretty. She has plaits everyday, bows, and she never wears ugly stuff. Kiana once wore ugly trousers. That made me....

    Like Bianca more.

    Kiana’s point of view

    I like Cooper. But Bianca, Bella and Layla do, too. I heard that Cooper likes Bianca more than me! He likes me, too, but likes Bianca more! I am so jealous, and keep my fingers crossed that Cooper will like me more than Bianca. But me and Bianca are BFF’s and won’t become ex. I don’t wanna hurt Bianca’s feelings, because she adored Cooper in grade 3. But in fourth grade, they weren’t. In five and six grade, they were. We are in seventh grade now, and Cooper is still not in my classes, and in all of Bianca’s. It was since fourth grade that I was with Cooper. They always sit next to each other. I saw them hug and kiss and maybe he will marry Bianca. I will speak to him...

    One day.

    Layla’s point of view

    I have loved cooper since 3rd grade, 4 years ago. I still love him, and everyone in my class in third grade heard he likes me. He’s actually been liking Bianca since 2nd grade, when she moved to our school. Cooper STILL likes her. He says he wants to kiss Bianca. I felt my stomach jump. But his friend, George told me he wants to kiss me. I hope that’ll happen...

    One day.

    Search up ‘imagine crush’ and read the stories that might happen to you, will crush and friends. Does he like you? Take a does he like you Quiz. The results are up...he will like you....someday.

    The end.

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486 days ago
So I like a boy named mj and I don’t know if he likes me but he doesn’t talk to me only to ask me for something but I really need to ask him out tho oh…. And btw (he’s my ex) and don’t say anything when I say this …… I dated him four times but it’s not my fault. Bye
587 days ago
i really liked a lot!!😀