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Imagine your crush...for girls ONLY

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This is the start of seventh grade. You walk into the locker room with your BFF, Lilly. As you open your locker you notice a cute boy looking for his book next to your locker. He drops his English, Math and Science books. You are in his English, Math and Science classes. You will go there before lunch.

You: You need help?
Boy: Sure!
You: are you new?
Boy: No. I have been here since the last week of school in sixth grade. My name is Cooper.
You: My name is (your name, which can be Keeley)
You help Cooper with his books. But you forgot to grab your books and close the locker. You run to your locker and place your books next to your locker.

Cooper: I can carry my books...
You: Are you sure?
Cooper: yes.

You walk into class and the teacher tells you there are two more spare desks. They are next to each other — which means you sit next to Cooper. The teacher tells you we will be with our partners until our next class.

Cooper: You want to be partners, Keeley?
You: Sure!
Cooper: OK, their is a leftover computer there.

You walk over to the computers and sit on the swivel chairs. You look down at his hands. He swivels his chair closer to you. You think he has wore deodorant.

You: Have you wore deodorant?
Cooper: No, it’s perfume. I dropped a little deodorant in there.

You two continue your work. An hour later you hear the bell ring, off to your next class. You and Cooper walk together to Math class. Again, you are assigned seats next to him.

(Skip to lunch)

You and Cooper go to the can'teen and order junk food. Cooper gets a burger, fries and lemonade. You get steak, curly fries and cordial. Cooper touches your hand, and begins to hold it. You feel it.

You: Cooper...
Cooper: Yeah?
You: Why are you-
Before you can finish your speaking, he begins to run to the can'teen. You don’t know what the **** was going on.

Chef: One burger with fries and lemonade for Cooper, 911, and steak, curly fries and cordial for Keeley, 912?

Cooper pays. You wanted to pay for yourself, but he has brought about $1000.

You: I was gonna pay for myself!
Cooper: You can save it for the scented shop I will go to after school.
You: ...

Cooper puts his hand on top of yours and on the bottom of it. He leans closer to you when he feels his stomach jump. He is starving.

He grabs your hand and leads you to a table. You eat your steak.

You: This tastes like T-bone steak. I haven’t tried it before...but it’s delicious!
Cooper: Do you have a crush?

When you hear that, you feel your stomach jump. You have a crush on HIM. You reply nervously.
You: Y...Ye...yea...yeahhh...
Cooper: who?
You: yyyyyyyyy......

You say this quickly and the looks back nervously.

You: YOU!

You look back at Cooper. He is shocked. His eyes are wide. When the takes a bite or drink, he stares at you. He pushes his lunch tray beside you, then moves next to you. Some other lunch tables are staring at you, but soon start to eat. He turns around to look at your face. She leans closer to you. So close. Then very, very close. You are now a cm away from his lips. He begins to lean closer to you. You feel his lips against yours. He hugs you and kisses you. This moment ends five seconds later.

But then the moment of doom comes.

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40 days ago
This is just a random Web fanfiction! Don't be so rude
This is pretty good actually
172 days ago
This is completly unrealistic!
There is no depth to thd story at all!
665 days ago
hi i hope this sort of thing happens to me
666 days ago
I'm kind of crushing on a boy named Cooper
703 days ago
actually this Cooper guy doesn't seem so good but great effort
703 days ago
but great quiz!!!!!!!!! ( I am a girl crushing on a boy)
703 days ago
You: Have you wore deodorant?
Cooper: No, it’s perfume. I dropped a little deodorant in there.

830 days ago
Ahem. Several things:
This included gender norms and sexist ideas
In what world would a girl accept a guy again?!
862 days ago
my dad would've murdered cooper before we even met
879 days ago
Yeah right. As if that would ever happen to me.
1086 days ago
What if I'm a girl crushing on a girl!!??