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My true story.

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I haven’t used the real names. I used them...fake. But I used my Crush’s name because I can’t help it. His name is...Cooper. He is so handsome, smart and funny. I remember he was acting like the class clown. I laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe. That’s all. I will tell you more in my story..

    Kiana, Lilly, Katie and Indigo are in love with Cooper. I’m Katie...that isn’t my real name. And none of these are real. Except Cooper. I know their points of view, but it’ll waste time:(

    I went to a dance. Lilly wasn’t there. But Indigo, Katie and Kiana were. So was Cooper. He was hanging out with his friends. Jack, Oliver, Henry and Lachlan. I stood with Kiana and Indigo. I asked Kiana if she saw Cooper. She said yes, by the can'teen. I spotted him eating a lime ice lolly. I walked over to Cooper. He smiled at me.
    Cooper: Hi!
    Kaitie: Hello!
    Cooper: ....

    But something amazing and great happened.

    Kiana walked over to me. She said that I liked Cooper. And Cooper stared at me like I was a life-size Barbie doll. He stood up, looking at my face. He clinched my waist. He began to hug me... not Kiana! Kiana tried to hug Cooper, but Cooper moved away.

    Kiana: Cooper!
    Cooper: what?

    He doesn’t like Kiana. He likes me!

    Kiana was mad. She still liked Cooper. But he was dating me! He even asked me out, even when we were in-

    Now, Now, Kiana........,,,,,,..sorry but Cooper likes you. But he likes me more than you.

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