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I Thought Wrong

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A short story 😊

    It was the middle of spring break, and suddenly my thought process changed. At least, I think that's what happened. For the entirety of my life, I had thought that romance was gross. But then I was thinking about this one guy...
    He's about a year and a half older than me, I'd seen him recently but not talked to him for a few months. His name was Elijah, and today I wondered why he was suddenly thinking about him. I pulled out my phone and started taking quizzes such as "Do I Like Him?" And "Do I Love Him?"
    That night, I was convinced I was in love. But my two sisters, one older, one younger, both thought that love like that was gross, like I used to so I could not tell them. It was secret.
    The next day, I decided to call it a crush. I went between the two and have not figured out which it is. I would not see him for a while... meaning I could not be sure.
    I did think that "liking" somebody was gross. I think that it must have changed gradually--my thought process. Now, I guessed, I thought wrong.

    I strolled to the restroom and saw that my cheeks were bright pink. What? I thought it was impossible for me to blush! I'd thought that because I'd never blushed before--this is 100% true.
    I searched my mind for memories I had of him to see if I actually like liked him. Hmm... we've talked before. I wonder how long I've liked him. Well, I should not think about him all the time. I went to go draw a bit.
    Over the next few days, Elijah slipped in and out of my thoughts. I told no one about this. It was ridiculous, I figured--we hadn't even talked for a month at least! So I tried to push him out of my mind. Well, I didn't really succeed. I found myself writing odd things down and acting strange. Nothing that was really noticeable by anyone but myself. I wondered if you could have a major crush even if you only knew that you felt like this for a few days.
    However, I still went on as if nothing at all had changed--but now I was taking love quizzes and reading love fiction, and writing the strangest things! I must be going crazy, I thought. Even as I acted completely normal....

    So this actually the mostly true story of my first crush! This has all happened over the past few days. Please comment, rate or like.

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690 days ago
It’s really good please right more.
1191 days ago
And Elijah is NOT his actual name
1205 days ago
...maybe if anything else ever happens, I'll continue... 😶😶😶