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Started as bestfriends

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This is a story about me and my new boyfriend. I'm not gonna use our real names, so we will call me Jenna, and we will call him, Johnny.

    We met on snap chat one day after he randomly texted me hey, because my dumb self adds everyone back.
    We found out we lived really close together and we decided to meet up and hang out. We became best friends, and I started to like him, but he had a girlfriend. Sadly.
    After about two months I decided to tell him
    "Johnny I am in love with you and it has been killing me not to tell you so I just had too".
    "Oh my gosh! Are you serious, I feel the same way, ive been holding off breaking up with lily".
    After that day Johnny broke up with his girlfriend Lily. Then the next day he asked Jenna to be his girlfriend, She said yes. He pulled her in and hugged her so tight then kissed her, and after they kissed he proceeded to say
    "I have been dying to do that for a month now, I love you princess".

    The End
    This was a true story with just a few changes from me.

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Cute story