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Be My Valentine (The Love Square 2)

4 Chapter - 1.233 Words - Developed by:
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I was asked to write more, so this is the continuation of Home School Prom (The Love Square)...
Valentine's Day is approaching... what could happen?

I like Oliver, I really do. But only as a friend... I think. No, most definitely as a friend... only. But maybe... You're seventeen and you hardly know him. Hardly know? We've been sitting at the same table for two months! And I've known him before that, too.
"Isobel?" Carly, one of my friends, asks. I point to my mouth--I am chewing! "Well, once you're done chewing, what sort of traditions do you have for Valentine's Day?"
"None, really, except sometimes making cards for my family. And getting some candy," I reply.
"Valentine's Day isn't even for three more weeks," Jill, another of my friends, interjects.
"Hey, at least I didn't ask you two weeks ago," she replies.
"I didn't even know Valentine's Day was so close last year," Sammy, who I'm not super close to but we know each other, adds.
"How long have you been sitting together?" I inquire. Last year I had sat with Marielia, but now we both sit in different places.
"Carly and Jill for four years, Hannah and I for three years, Annie for two years and you since the beginning of this year," Sammy swiftly responds.
"Okay," I say.

"Marielia, why do you keep on hiding away? Aren't we friends?" I query. Ever since the prom, we had started to sit together. But lately, she's been going to different spots instead of our usual. I start to doubt whether we are really friends...
"Of course," she smiles pleasantly, "but these days are so crazy... I sometimes want a few minutes to myself and this is the only time I can find, well, time. I'm sorry."
"It's all right. I guess I'll just leave you to it," I sigh.
"Oh, don't be that way. I'll join you soon," she replies. But her heart doesn't seem to be in it.

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