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That One Girl #2

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The story of a girl who was home-schooled all her life and then got sent to public school. Smart and shy, labeled as nerdy for no reason, she catches the attention of the most popular boy at school...


Minerva unlocked her family’s front door, and went straight up to her room.She flopped down on her bed and started crying.Why, why, why did this have to happen? Her father had been killed in a car accident last summer and money was really tight, so her 3 little siblings were getting home-schooled and living with her grandmother, her mother was working three jobs and Minerva was sent to public school and doing odd jobs in the weekend.It was something that happened to people in books, not to people in real life.And why did public schooled teenage girls have to be so mean? She had learned how to mask her feelings well, and she could even shoot back a witty retort or two, but it hurt.Badly. Minerva glanced at the clock.It was 4:00.She hopped of her bed, washed her face and ran downstairs to start dinner.

“Beep beep””Beep beep”
Grumbling to herself, Minerva sleepily pushed sleep on her alarm class and rolled out of her cozy bed.She took a shower and then pulled on a pair of jeans and a plum purple t-shirt and brushed her hair.Glancing at herself in the mirror, she observed that Nina was right, she didn’t have an once of style about her.She wasn’t bad looking, but she wasn’t stunning either.She had wavy reddish brown hair that fell to her mid back, mossy green eyes, highish cheekbones, and her figure was nothing to sneeze at.Not that it mattered, all that mattered was that she and her mom could earn enough money to get her siblings back home again and that she studied hard so she could get a scholarship to the University.Funny, when her siblings were with her she found them extremely annoying, but now they were gone, all she wanted was to have them back.
She ran down the stairs to find her mother dishing out yogurt.”Morning Mom” Minerva said.”Good morning dear,”said Mrs Zimmerman, dropping a kiss on Minerva's cheek.”Have a good sleep?” “Wonderful, thank you.You?” “Pretty good.”They sat down to breakfast.Once they were finished, Mrs Zimmerman said,”I'll get the dishes, my shift doesn’t start till 10 today.” “Okay, thanks, by, love you!” “Love you too honey” Minerva slung her back pack over her shoulder and walked out the door.

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368 days ago
682 days ago
add more!!!! Por Favor!!!!! (Please)
777 days ago
I couldn’t really tell what happened there.... the main character seems like a complete jerk.
810 days ago
needs more pls and thx
908 days ago
short but well written nice job
941 days ago
Thank you so much ellie!!!
956 days ago
a fith grader, its kinda funny how your like: remember to use commas! this book is amazing and sexy ravenclaw, GOOD WORK!
982 days ago
Thank you very VERY much for commenting!!!
983 days ago
I thought I commented here, anyway I'm waiting for the next one!
986 days ago
Very good, remember to add commas!!!
Great cliffhanger.
I suggest giving all antagonists backstories so the story is more realistic.
Nice writing, but try to balance dialogue and narration. I think first person is more interesting.
987 days ago
THIS ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
990 days ago
Darn it keep writing more!!!!