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Starting all over again

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Marlow hates moving around. She can't keep a boy for longer than three weeks. She always leaves her best friends when they are at the best. Can she play better this time around?

My morning always starts off like this;
.....I mumble "I am getting up... ugh" I grab my clothes and my Vans. I take a quick shower and hop downstairs. My bratty little sister, Selina, smirks at me. I flick my tongue at her. I grab a bagel and some coffee. My dad comes down, fixing his tie and tells me to get in the car. I snatch a breath mint from the bowl, and unplug my iPhone. I packed my backpack last night so it is ready to go.

At Living Stone High, I am wandering around with my list of classes for the day. Yay me. As I turn the corner, I run smack into a pretty, tall bronze colored girl. She loses her textbook and two notebooks. I apologize profusely, all the while helping her gather her books. She smiles at me, "Hi! I'm Audrianna! You are?" I blink and hear myself say "Oh, sorry, my name is Marlow Cunsley." She smiles again and asks if I'm lost. I say yes and she volunteers to help me out. I smile at her and we walk towards the math wing. Audrianna introduces me to the teacher, Mrs. Klinker. She is very helpful and nice. She seats me beside this gorgeous boy. I look away and remind myself to not be dumb. He, however, smiles widely at me, and says "Hello! I am Aidan! You must be Marlow." I blush and say "Yep that's me." He smiles, dimpling again! SOO cute! "This class is a breeze. You look really smart so you won't have any issues."

45 minutes later, the bell rings. Aidan turns to me and says, "So Marlow! What class do you have next?" I dig into my backpack for the list and say "Umm, English with Mr. Hutchinson." He nods and asks if he can walk me. I accept, much to happily. Meanwhile at the door to the classroom, he slips me a note and whispers "I'm here if you need anything, Marlow." He winks at me and walks down the hall. I nearly melt into a puddle right there!

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713 days ago
the moving part meant like changing boyfriends. I think
811 days ago
This one has MUCH BETTER grammar, punctuation, and storylines. Great job!
811 days ago
Well... it could use some work and there’s a lot of punctuation to work on and you could use a bit of detail. And I personally wouldn’t take a boy back like that. Also, in the description it told us about her moving when in the book it doesn’t say a word about that.
988 days ago
#alloveragain great story. Im an author :))))
1030 days ago
Best thing ever I might start doing something like this 🙏 thanks for the inspiration