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Breaking All Over Again

3 Chapter - 1.154 Words - Developed by:
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Marlow and Aidan run into trouble, while taking a end-of-school trip. A blond girl wants to ruin their relationship, and will stop at nothing. But neither will Marlow & Aidan!

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Marlow threw her bag into her car and reached up and pulled her trunk door shut. It was barely dawn, but she and many other juniors were taking a eight-hour trip to Colorado. She was on her way to pick up Alexa. After that, they stopped for coffee and went along their way to the school. Six tour buses gleamed under the streetlights. Sleepy eyed teens were getting out of cars and lugging their bags to a checkpoint. They were marked down and told to get into a bus that had room for both them and their luggage. Marlow met up with Aidan. They hugged tightly and Aidan whispered in her ear, "I could barely sleep, I was too excited to see you again!" Marlow kissed him on his cheek and they went to find Alexa and Audrianna. They boarded the third bus and Aidan and Marlow took a double seat and Audrianna and Alexa took one across from them. Ten minutes later, they were on the highway. Most teens were on their phones or sleeping. Marlow leaned against Aidan's shoulder. He wrapped his arm around her and kissed her head. Then the world closed up into subtle colors.

When Marlow opened her eyes, she was still laying on Aidan. The bus was slowing down in front of a fancy hotel. Everyone was waking up and stretching. They got their luggage and grabbed their assigned rooms. Alexa and Audrianna got a room together. Aidan and Marlow didn't but they got rooms with an adjoining door. It was 1:45 in the afternoon, so the four of them decided to go find a cafe'. They went and ate a late lunch and returned to the hotel and went swimming with some other friends.

Later, after a very filling dinner, Aidan & Marlow walked up to their rooms, kissed goodnight, and entered their rooms. After she took a shower, she noticed a piece of paper on the little table.

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718 days ago
the moving part meant like changing boyfriends. I think
816 days ago
This one has MUCH BETTER grammar, punctuation, and storylines. Great job!
816 days ago
Well... it could use some work and there’s a lot of punctuation to work on and you could use a bit of detail. And I personally wouldn’t take a boy back like that. Also, in the description it told us about her moving when in the book it doesn’t say a word about that.
993 days ago
#alloveragain great story. Im an author :))))
1035 days ago
Best thing ever I might start doing something like this 🙏 thanks for the inspiration