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That One Girl...

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The story of a girl who was home-schooled all her life and then got sent to public school. Smart and shy, labeled as nerdy for no reason, she catches the attention of the most popular boy at school...


    Minerva rushed blindly to her locker, choking back in lump in her throat and blinking furiously at the tears threatening to fall. This time Nina had just gone to far, publicly ridiculing her about her father. Run off indeed! The car crash being a cover story! How could she! Insulting herself was one thing but her father, her dead father no less, was inexcusable. She flung open the locker door and was about to get her bag when she felt a light touch on her arm.”WHAT!” She growled angrily.
    “Come to taunt me about my sense of fashion? Or my dead father? Oh, I know, you wanted to remind me that I’m poor and work odd jobs in my spare time.”
    “Um, no,” Said a voice very different from the high, falsely sweet voice of Nina Carrington. Minerva spun around on her heel to face the person and found herself face to face with none other but John Comstock, the handsome and athletic most popular boy in the high school.She raised her eyebrows. ”What do you want them? Did Nina send you? Why are you here!” She snapped. ”Uh, I wanted to make sure you were okay. ” “And why would a rich popular boy like yourself lower himself to the likes of a poor nerd like me?” “Look, Nina had no right to speak to you like that.” “So I’ve noticed.”She remarked dryly. “Let me finish. Can’t we be friends? You could make friends if you wanted to, I know you could! I’d like to be friends with you! I know others who would like to be friends with you, I could introduce you to them! What do you say?” “I’m too busy for friends. Besides, Nina probably sent you so she could spread a rumor about me using you to buy friends.”And with that, she grabbed her back and ran down the hallway, leaving a flabbergasted John behind.”Tough luck my man. Looks like that—Nina, did her work well. Ah well, it was worth a try.”said Phil, his best friend. John turned to him slowly.”Phil, I offered her to be friends because she seemed smart and nice and lonely.Now I’ve talked to her, I’m pretty sure she’s most wonderful creature there is.” “...”John ambled dreamily off, leaving a stunned Phil.

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253 days ago
add more!!!! Por Favor!!!!! (Please)
348 days ago
I couldn’t really tell what happened there.... the main character seems like a complete jerk.
380 days ago
needs more pls and thx
478 days ago
short but well written nice job
512 days ago
Thank you so much ellie!!!
526 days ago
a fith grader, its kinda funny how your like: remember to use commas! this book is amazing and sexy ravenclaw, GOOD WORK!
553 days ago
Thank you very VERY much for commenting!!!
553 days ago
I thought I commented here, anyway I'm waiting for the next one!
556 days ago
Very good, remember to add commas!!!
Great cliffhanger.
I suggest giving all antagonists backstories so the story is more realistic.
Nice writing, but try to balance dialogue and narration. I think first person is more interesting.
558 days ago
THIS ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
560 days ago
Darn it keep writing more!!!!