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This is a story about a heartbreak. My heartbreak, I knew it was to happen. It's my fault for falling for a gay person. I knew he was gay, and yet I still formed a crush.

It was my first day at a private school that allowed a lot of stuff public schools didn't. I was nervous, but excited. One of my friends I had met on my "trial day" was there because they're school didn't open yet, and there mom was a teacher. They introduced me to some people, and the "Hot pockets." The Hot pockets are a group of guys at my school that basically just fan boy about people and things. That same day they invited me to join, and I accepted. I was weirdly attracted the the Asian in the group, although I didn't know it at the time. The next week my feelings started getting really heavy, and formed a major crush. It was so embarrassing. I ended up telling my Best friend Sophie about my crush, and she supported me so much through this story. Then a while later I told one of the Hot pockets named Sullivan. I already knew that Sullivan had a crush on me, for now I'll call him by his nickname, sully. Now, Sully shipped it, a lot. He promised me he wouldn't tell my crush-Ren that I liked him. I got my crushes phone number and we started texting. By then I knew the Hot pockets were gay, well, except Sully. Ren made that very. very.very. clear by saying it in every conversation. Most of the time it was just him saying, "Gay." or even yelling "GAY!" and then attacking one of the Hot pockets. It was very funny, and I wasn't bothered by it, even though I had and have a crush on him. We got closer and eventually I started 1.stealing his hoodie and wearing it 2.Resting my head on his shoulder (once or twice because I was tired and his jacket was poofy VwV. A while later when quarantine struck, he texted me, and said this- "Hey, they said you liked me, is that true?" and one let me just tell you, he is terrible at including important information like who the THEY was (which I found out a few MONTHS later.) which was driving me crazy at the time. My brain stopped working for a second, but being the innocent child I am that hates lying...I replied- "...", "Yes." to which we sat in silence. Then he was the first one to break the silence and he asked me, "are you okay?" to which I replied, "Ya..." He said, "man gay people be butt holes sometimes" He felt kinda bad for rejecting me. I felt terrible, and to this day when I think of him and how he is, and how I could have screwed up our friendship I cry...but I can still laugh about how immediately after we changed the subject to talking about hot anime guys VwV so Ren, I doubt you know this website existed but if somehow you find this, there you go, you didn't hear it from me. also, hiiiiii how r you? BTW yes I still have a major crush on you. Other people reading this, one like on my story, even just saying the word like will fix a willows heart.

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917 days ago
say the word like? okay!!! LIKE
1044 days ago
umm so i dont understand (ง •_•)ง but okie then
1117 days ago
I love this I can relate ಥ‿ಥ
1173 days ago
me being a gay boi named Ren was very intrigued by this... (why are anime guys so frikin hot tho..?)