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Why Not Me?

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This about my crush...

    The way you look at her,
    the way you smile,
    the way your eyes shine,
    when you're around her.

    I realize how much you like her,
    I want you to be happy,
    so I step back,
    but I'm thinking, " why her?"

    Why is she so special?
    Why do you like her more?
    What is her secret,
    so I can be yours?

    But all those thing I did,
    you can't forgive,
    I jumped on the faulty bandwagon,
    doing stuff I can't stand.

    But it's the only way to hide my feelings,
    the only way for me to hate you.
    I can't because I love you,
    But you love her.

    I regret everything,
    But now you're gone.
    No one can love you like me,
    but, why her?

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556 days ago
Good poem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like it!