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Akira's cute love story!

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Akira finds her love! Akira us a beautiful kind girl that goes to her new school. Suddenly a boy she has never seen starts getting her attention. What's gonna happen? Click on this story to find out! Also check out my other quizzes on
Alex the killer

    Akira was so nervous to attend her new school. But she knew her best friend Yukina will have her back. Yukina was one of those girls you shouldn't mess with. Yukina had bright blue hair into a ponytail. With beautiful blue eyes. Akira kept walking and put her things in her locker. 'I've had a whole school holidays off. I hope I don't get in trouble for not doing any work...' Akira thought to herself. Suddenly she turned around to the sight of a tall boy with smooth brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. Akira blushed as she went past. She saw the boy putting his things away. Then Yukina came. "Heyyyyy! Where was you?" Akira said as she hugged Yukina. They talked and had a little laugh. Then it was break time. Akira continued walking with Yukina and they talked about Manga. Then Akira suddenly gasped as she came thumping to the ground. She slowly turned her head to see the school bully. The school bully had bright green eyes and blonde sandy hair. "W-what do you want?" Akira said shaking in fear. "You know what I want you stupid, pathetic girl." Daichi said angrily.

    Yukina then pushed Daichi. "L-leave us alone! O-or I wi-ill b-beat the h-hell out of you!" Yukina said in fear. Akira knew she was just bluffing. She heard the nervousness in her voice. Daichi was about to punch Yukina but then a arm grabbed him and tackled him to the ground. It was the boy Akira bumped into at the lockers! "Listen. If you EVER touch her again....there will be hell to pay...." the boy said. Daichi ran off in fear. And Akira was helped up by the boy. "Th-thanks..." Akira said with rosy-red cheeks. "I'm Hibiki." The boy said. "Nice to meet you Hibiki.." Akira said while shaking his hand. They all went to class and there was a science project. The teacher then started partnering up students. Akira wasn't really listening until she heard her teacher say "Akira and Hibiki can be partners." Akira froze. Her cheeks were as red as a rose. Her eyes were wider than a circle. "Well. Guess it's me and you. " Hibiki delightidley replied.

    Akira went to Hibiki's house and they worked on the science project. "You know....I really appreciate how you stopped the bully..." Akira whispered. "That's no problem. He was an idiot anyway." Hibiki replied. "Ugh....I'm feeling hungry...f-fancy a donut Hibiki?" Akira slowly whispered to Hibiki. "Sure! I'd love a donut right now!" Hibiki exitedy replied back. They went to the donut shop and got an oreo donut each. "Look close to that donut" Hibiki said. Akira slowly put her face near the donut smelling it. It smelt amazing. Then Hibiki shoved the donut in her face. "Whoops!" Hibiki laughed. "HIBIKI! WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?" Akira shouted. "Come on. It was only a bit of fun." Hibiki replied quickly. Akira jerked her head away blushing angrily. Akira cleaned up and they both walked out. Hibiki was blushing. And so was Akira. "You know....I really feel something with you...like we have some sort of...relationship..." Hibiki slowly whispered. Akira froze. She was so red. She never felt so much love in her life. "You know....actions speak louder than words....." Akira whispered. Then Akira took Hibiki's face. And she kissed him. Akira's eyes grew wide as she was blushing. She felt so warm. And they walked off in love. That's literally the end. Sorry it was short..

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