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My 6th grade love(ehh)

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Not that much happened but feel free to read <3


So, I moved to a new city in 5th grade. It was great and blah blah blah. I had friends, not everyone knew me but that's what to expect...until 6th grade. You see, I'm actually Indian. And we have this program every year (Indian stuff). I've been doing it since kindergarten. But the city I currently live in now has many Indians. And so my dad's coworker has two sons, one who was a tenth grader(he's probably a senior in high school now). And the other who's a grade younger than me. We'll call him S. So his mom choreographed a dance every year and that year she asked my dad if I wanted to participate in a skit she's choreographing. It was a skit about six or seven guys who were really dumb but whenever they did something stupid, it always ended up saving the "father and mother's" life. Unfortunately, I was the "mother". This other boy who was a grade older than me was the "father". It was in my language (which I can't speak very well in ;-;). You'll have to see what happens after in the next chapter:>

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461 days ago
That story was great!
I loved it
1066 days ago
that was nice :P :P :P