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I had a crush let me tell you what happened

    It was a sunny day like any other when it happened it was Friday and Boris Johnson had just made his speech. The country was going to be put in lock-down and I was upset because I wasn't going to school. Which meant I couldn't see my friends so I thought about it and asked my parents and one day it happened I got my phone I was amazed I could now face time my friends and I read some beauty stuff about being attractive and I came across it a part about how to tell of you have a crush. I had a fluttering feeling in my stomach every time I thought of him. 6 months later....
    I was back at school with my friends seeing my crush it was then that I realized that I was stupid because the reason I had the fluttering feeling was because I was scared that I would not see my friends again and not because of a crush.

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1077 days ago
:ρ It was short- :/
1110 days ago
umm but corona isn't over yet
1143 days ago
nice story. im glad you don't have to go through heartbreak c;