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The Glass Slipper

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Modern Cinderella story | Told by Ashlyn/Cinderella |High school | My first fan fic

The Glass Sliper

September 7th, 2018

Hi, I’m Ashlyn. This is my diary. When I was 7, my mom died and my dad remarried. He married some rich woman. Her name was Victoria. She had nasty daughters, Brielle and Lorelai. Last year, dad died. Anyway school starts tomorrow.

September 8th, 2018

“...Ashlyn, wake up”. Lorelai screamed. Shut up, I thought. I woke up. I got dressed. “Oh my god!” I said. My pants ripped. Great! Ugh! My back-up back-ups are at that dry cleaners. 9th grade shirt on 11th grade body. It really didn’t fit. I went down stairs for breakfast. Victoria, Lorelai and Brielle completely ignore me. They didn’t even realize that the skirt made me look a tramp. Alex came over. I ran to the car. “Alex!” I said. “Wow,” he said “what happened to your back-ups?” “They’re at the day cleaners,” I said. “What about you back-up back-ups?” Alex said. “These are my back-up back-ups”. Ugh. He drove and laughed. When I got out of the car everyone was staring at us. They were saying “Is that Ashlyn?” And “Oh My God”. I had to go to the Principal. “Ashlyn, do you know why you’re here?” “No,” I sighed “am I getting suspended?” By the way, this is a stupid fancy, private school Victoria sends us to. Principal Kauffman said “No, this is just a warning”. Blah, blah, blah. Now it’s lunch. The LOL girls were looking at me and Alex. Why were they looking at us. The LOL girls were Lilac, Olivia and Lexi. “Come sit with us”. Olivia asked. “Isn’t Jacob hot,” they LOL girls said. “I guess,” I replied. Jacob is Alex’s brother. All the girls swooned Jacob. “Sorry, he likes me,” Lexi said “we’re gonna have a girl and a boy.” “Umm... I don’t you can pick,” I said. Then they just left. When school ended me and Alex went to Santa Monica. He asked “Do you think Lexi likes me?” “What?” I questioned.

November 1st, 2018

Sorry, that I skipped a lot. There’s just not that much to talk about. Yesterday was Halloween. Jacob and Alex are having a Halloween party. We went as Batman and Robin. But Victoria wouldn’t let me. She said I had to clean the house instead. Vacuum, wash the windows, clean the toilets, wax the floors, clean the pool, and so much other stuff. When I went outside to clean the pool, I was SHOCKED! What? Hmmm. They’re was a Lamborghini and a pair of high heels. And they’re was a mysterious note that read “You mustn’t stay a second past 12:00 or everything will fade away”. What does that mean? They were glass. Who wears glass slippers? Only Cinderella and I’m no princess. I drove to the party. I wore the costume with the masquerade mask. No one recognized me. The LOL girls gave me lots of shots. I was so drunk. Lorelai was suspicious and kinda recognized me. People said I almost went skinny dipping. I kinda remember then note so I went down the steps. But I fell down and lost my shoe. Ugh! Stupid drunk! What’s wrong with you! Jacob liked the girl in the glass slipper aka me but he didn’t know it was me.

November 16th, 2018

Jacob was visiting houses in the neighborhood with the glass slipper. Trying to find the girl in the glass slipper. Today he went to my house. My step sisters feet didn’t fit. Victoria said “She was here the whole night, it can’t be her!” Turns out, it did fit! What’s gonna happens now?

May 12th, 2018

One word.... PROM! I skipped a lot so I’ll just catch you up. Last month on April 19th I had my “Sweet 17”. Since the glass slipper incident I’ve been spending time Jacob but not Alex. And I’m sorry. But Jacob asked me to PROM! The theme is under the sea dance. Oh yeah, and Alex has a girlfriend now. Not Lexi, one one the LOL girls but Jessica. Jacob and I kissed. At first Jessica didn’t like Alex but now they’re a thing! We all lived Happily Ever After!

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752 days ago
why. didnt. you.make.this.a.book.
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Aww girl that’s nice I’m happy for youuu😄😄😄