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We fell in love, then out.

It was my first day of high school, the day everyone dreamed of. All I had to say was eh. I didn't know that many people, so I felt like an outcast but I convinced myself I was fine. Little did I know this year was going to be anything but "Eh"
As the weeks of high school went on I noticed someone. He was tall and toned, he never had a hair out of place but most importantly, his smile, it was crooked yet so perfect. His name was Noah. I noticed my heart start to flutter around him. But come on I didn't even know him.
"Okay Ansley you're with Noah," my teacher with a thick New York accent said. Oh wow, maybe I will get the chance to know. We both stood up and looked at each other. We started walking over to each other, slowly, no one else in the class room existed to me. We were standing right in front of each other, not saying anything. I was looking down, to sacred to make eye contact with him. I tugged at the bottom of my skirt and felt the back of my neck get sweaty. I slowly looked up. He smiled, and so did I. My heart was pounding. I wanted to say something but couldn't.
"Want to work over there? " he said and gestured to a little corner in the back of the classroom. The first words he ever said to me. Not much room, but that was ok. We sat down on the floor. We opened out notebooks. We made eye contact, but then he looked away. I wanted him to look at me again. We started writing down notes, not really talking.
"What middle school did you go to?"
"Oh, uh I went to Washington, w-w-what about you," I said. God I sounded like an idiot.
"I just moved here from California, it's a lot colder here," he said, I laughed, so did he he. He laughed, this beautiful hearty laugh. I knew in that moment that I wanted to take that laugh on a date. We made a little bit more small talk. I had so many questions but then the bell rang.
"I will see you later," he said. I waved. I looked down and smiled.
The next few periods went on and I was always thinking about him. Then culinary class came around. We were getting new seats.
"Okay Noah here," my teacher said and pointed to a table. I felt my face get red. I had no idea he was in the class. We made eye contact, then looked away. I couldn't help but look back, and he looked back too.
"Ansley!" my teacher said.
"Oh, sorry, where do I sit?" I said quietly.
"Next to Noah." I shuffled over there quickly.
"Hey," I said.
"Hi, nice to see you again," he said.
"Why are you taking culinary," I asked, my voice cracked, my mouth was so dry.
"I want to be a chef," he said.
"Me too," I said and smiled, he did too. I imagined a future together, co-running a restaurant in love.

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1087 days ago
I love this it's so good you have inspired me to write a story 😊
1091 days ago
Is this story true?
1117 days ago
Well that was inaproprite
1139 days ago
1146 days ago
Wow. I have no words. There was so much drama and so much build up and then nothing happens. The characters did not change at all. I am sad now