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This is a poem I made it’s based off my crush and our story.

    When I saw you
    In kindergarten, we were friends
    In first grade, we drifted to a mends
    In second grade, the best year of my life. We played, we slayed, you even made my days.
    In third grade, just the same. Great fun nothing to be done. You broke your arm. We played soccer all year. It was just us. Not him, not her. Just me and you.
    In fourth grade, we drifted away, still friends, life changed, you liked her, I liked him. At the end I told you I liked you.
    Fifth grade, oh heres the long one, same class again, same friends, Open house, I walked in you desk right next to mine. Just like old times. First day, you were late, when you came in, the teacher told me to help you with your books. I did. We laughed. We remembered the good times. At lunch you say with your friends from last year while still taking glimpses at our past. Weeks past, finally you sat with me. We talked. The other boys in class teased us for being friends. They shipped us. They always dared him to hug me, hold hands. He would have done it on his own but then the pressure, the push. He couldn’t do it. He wouldn’t do it. We continued being friends. But not like before. He found out he was moving, said he would be going to the same middle school. Then, corona happened. Out of school. The only way we talked was Roblox. You told my best friend you liked me in kindergarten, so did I. You said if you had to date somebody it would be me. I have always been your best friend. And lastly, you liked me. Then, he found out he was moving but wouldn’t be going to my middle school. Never went back to school. Never saw him since. I remember the last day we saw each other.
    Sixth grade, nothing. Gone. Never text. Never meet. Don’t even know if you alive. Sadness. I’ll never know how you feel. The only time I see you is in my dreams. Last night I dreamt you were there, everything was fine. I woke up. Started crying. That’s it. I’m done.

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560 days ago
I'm going through all our poems and you are so gifted, and i love your work, and im so sorry that this is happening to you... but thank you for sharing this with us
569 days ago
😫😫😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 this is exactly how me and my bf lived in in fifth grade he is in a different school this year he said he would go to my middle school but WHY what if this happens to me!😭😭😭😭
733 days ago
I hope you find him again. Who knows? Maybe he'll see this and comment!! But don't worry, you'll find him. 👍🏼
865 days ago
Excuse my name... My crush in elementary moved his dad divorced from his mom. He always talked with me when I was alone he even grabbed me a homework page just whenever! he was mine now all is gone he reminds me of your story thank you so much!😌
892 days ago
Thank you amber this really helped.
892 days ago
wow. you will find him. for a short time, my crush also moved away, but we met again at a zoo, if your destined to be together, nothing will keep you apart
896 days ago
Thanks eviejade4ever! Honestly I think we will meet again just not today and not tomorrow. Just I have litterally liked him ever since kindergarten and I’m in 6th grade now. I just can’t seem to get over him. The thing I’m worried about is if I meet him again but already have a crush. But I know this sounds so cringy just honestly I used to think that we would meet again and date then get married and have a family. I always tell my friends I don’t like him but I do I just try to get over him but I can’t. He never plays Roblox and I mean tbh none of my friends do I just spam our Roblox gc to see if anyone cares lol. And yeah so I bet maybe I’ll see him again but idk. I’m just worried about him bc my friend said he texted her on Roblox a few months ago that he is lonely. But he was in Cali and didnt have her iPad so she don’t see it and he never texted her since then. Just I never even pray and I’m not religious but last night I prayed that he was ok and to show me a sign he was good and I just started crying so much I think it was partly mood swings but I’ve been sad all day. But idk if this is my imagination or what but I couldn’t sleep and a light came in my room and I looked out the window it wasn’t a car or anything. It probably sounds crazy but I think it was a sign he is ok. Idk I was crying and sad just all I hope is he is doing ok. 😌
896 days ago
Omg jasmine! This is so cute! Don't worry about it tho. You will find him. Your eyes will meet. Happily ever after (sorry I read too many romance novels lol 😂)
But remember you are strong
You don't need boys
But if you love him
Go for it!
This story is just like me and my bf
We have always been bff but now
897 days ago
Omg wow lol. I doubt it bc he has moved on atleast I think I mean we haven’t talked in ages. I’m still friends with him on Roblox but he is never on anymore so idk.
897 days ago
Maybe it will be like that couple in 5th grade that one of them moved and then in college they went on a blind date and it was each other after a few hours of talking she was like “I want to
Marry you”
897 days ago
awww, jasmin!!! i hope u and him reunite once again and become an item!!!
897 days ago
Well miracles happen Jasmin 👍
897 days ago
Thanks wild now ima head out probs won’t be back for a few weeks. Just had to get out my thoughts. I know this sounds crazy but I really thought we were in love. I thhought we would end up together but no it’s just a fantasy. One that will never come true. Byeeeeee
897 days ago