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My love story

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This is gonna be my love story, how I met the love of my life. these will be 1 chapter stories, but there will be more than one. hopefully I get one out every 3 days, that's my goal.

"Amber! Wake up! you need to get up to go to school!" My dad yelled. as I woke up, I remembered 2 things: I was going to a new school, and I had to wake up at 6 every day. I got out of bed, get dressed, and headed downstairs.
now before I go on, I should tell you Little about me. I'm 5.11, 98 pounds. I have amber hair, whitish skin, and grey eyes. I'm just going into 8th grade, but I'm going to a new school. now that you know little about me, back to the story.
As I went down the stairs and entered the dining room, I found my brother already up. "you excited?" he asked. "Not really. I wont know anyone." "it will be fine. you will make new friends." he promised. "maybe after a few weeks." I left the dining room, went to the kitchen, and grabbed some cereal, and ate a quick breakfast. 10 minutes later, the bus arrived. I shouldered my backpack, and followed my brother (his name is Adam) out of the house and to the bus.
As I got on the bus, two things immediately got my attention: there were only three girls, among about twenty boys, and all the seats were taken. so that means I would have to find someone to sit with. and the other girls were all sitting in one seat. as I looked around, I saw someone wave me over. I went over and sat next to him. When I actually took a good look at him, my brain stopped. He was the most handsome boy I ever saw. He had short black hair, blue eyes,... I don't know how exactly to describe him! he was just so handsome! so I sat down, glancing over at him. finally we reached the school. I got up, and left the bus, all I could think of was him.

and that will do it for this chapter! expect another by tomorrow, or even today! ill try to make them longer in the future, or with more chapters. thanks for reading, and tell me what you think about it so far!

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254 days ago
I want more pls but not to much cuz there's ppl who are bad
405 days ago
Wow that’s really good! Keep writing!
718 days ago
I want mooooorrrrrreeee!!!!!
754 days ago
OMG that is so sweet but you shouldn't give to much info. about yourself there are bad ppl out there
762 days ago
Awwwwwwww soooo sweet
771 days ago
Omg so sweet thanks it was appropiate for a 17 year old like me
775 days ago
This is great!! Is this your true story?? Wow!
775 days ago
776 days ago
i love it!!!!!! omfg im a fan of something again lmao