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She will die in a beautiful way. ( Hanahaki 🥀🌷Part 1 )

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A teenager girl named Mara has a crush. She learns that's its one-sided love. After she learns that she starts coughing daises, Jacky's favorite flower.

    Mara walked down the hall to school. She hurried to math class. Seconds before the bell rang she got in her seat. The class went slow. She looked at the clock waiting to go. Siko was 2 seats in front of her. She got her notebook out of the desk and crumpled up a paper ball. She got a plastic little tube and spat on Siko. "RAUGHHH!" Siko screamed in being afraid and angry. "Principal Now" Mr. sleck said sternly. Siko gave her a death stare but Mara just giggled silently with some other girls. "what a nerd" She thought.

    Lunch- Mara hurried up to Jacky and his table. It was almost full. She shoved Laprin out of the way. Laprin almost fell onto the hard floor. she chatted with Jacky.

    Jacky's POV: " Ermmm yeah," I said. "Man, Mara is so RUDE. I wondered where Laprin is. " I thought. " So did you attend the game?" Mara asked. "Yeah, I'm glad the topslies won" I replied. Mara's face looked filled with disgust, " The topslies? That team is sooo-I mean it's so Cool! " I don't understand girls and their emotions. " I have to go to the restroom. " I lied to her. I walked around the rest of the table and I found Laprin barely on the edge. " What are you doing here? " I asked. " Oh some girl pushed me. I think her name was Rawa or something" She replied in her soft soothing tone. Still I upset. There was 4 minutes left until history class starts. " Let's skip! " Me and Laprin agreed.

    A couple of months later during summer: Mara headed out to the Ice-cream truck on a hot day. She saw Laprin with Jacky there too. " Ugh, Probably nothing. " She thought as jealousy grew. She got her ice cream and turned around to see that they were holding hands. Mara felt something stuck in her throat. She coughed and daisy petals came out. Mara felt awful and did not notice that she was coughing petals. She went back home and texted Zennen, her best friend. They talked a bit then she went on Instagram. She saw Laprin and Jackie holding hands with the title: I and Laprin are dating! Mara felt really sick. It was slightly harder to breathe. She coughed out more daisy petals. She felt light-headed. She texted zennen to come over quickly.

    Zennen's POV: I rushed to Mara's apartment and said that I'm a visitor. I showed the people workers my visitor ID and hurried up to her room. I used the card and I saw poor Mara curled up on the couch with a couple of bloody petals. I looked at her phone and I saw the photo. Mara always had a crush on Jacky. I shook her awake, " Wake up! " She woke up and uncurled. She coughed petals still. I was shocked. " Ughhh. Why am I coughing bloody petals. " she groaned. She choked on something for a second then coughed up a drenched in blood petal. I got out my phone and searched up her symptoms. " Hanahiki. A disease that grows flowers in the throat in lungs if they had a one sided love. " I hugged her and quickly called an ambulance. I read more " It will kill the person infected by completely covering their throat of suffocating them by the flowers completely full growing in their lungs. Cure: If the person loves them back or surgery that makes them feel emotionless " I cried hard.

    At the hospital: " She has about 3 weeks to live if she does not receive the cure" the doctor said in glumness. " Her heartbroken feelings made her flowers bloom faster " We will give her flower poison, It makes the flower grow slower and makes them smaller. It will hurt her lungs. Zennen watched as they injected a murky green liquid into her throat. A couple hours later she woke up coughing only a couple petals that were dying. " I'm sorry" Zennen said sadly. " Why? " she asked. He explained and each sentence made her cough petals. She threw up a bunch of blood.



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707 days ago
good job on the story btw
707 days ago
@i love potatos, its like this girl has some disease that makes her cough daisy petals because her crush doesnt love her back
744 days ago
umm im not sure i understand