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I Hate You, I Love You #2

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At last I finished it

    Chapter One-Hayes

    I saw Henry there. Terrified. Eagle’s eyes were wide. ” Eagle, are you okay? ” I asked. ” Yeah, fine… ” she whispered. We walked out. ” Henry, now you’re this? I thought it just went to the extent of torturing E. ” I said to him. ” No, my mom brought me here. ” He said confused. Eagle got out of the car and walked up to her door saying nothing. She unlocked the door and walked inside. Gwynn ran over with Cupcake. ” Who are your friends? ” Gwynn asked Eagle.
    “ As if half of them were my friends. ” Eagle whispered. Cupcake ran over to me and I smiled petting her.Henry looked away. ” Sorry I scared you guys.” Henry said. ” It’s okay. Right Eagle? ” I said looking at her. ” Yeah, sure. ” She said. ” Let's go, Henry, find your own way home. ” I said.

    Chapter Two-Eagle

    I sat at my desk tired. School had been tiring. It was November now. Waffles jumped into my lap and Ryder called me. I answered. ” Hey Ryder. ” I said. ” Hey E, quick question.”he said.”Hit me.”I said.”Can you come to my place? ” He asked. ” Sure, I’ll be right there. ” I said getting up and leaving. Waffles looked at me whining. ” You want to go?”I asked.He prance in a circle.”Okay, come on.”I said putting on his leash and walking over.
    “ Hey E. ” Ryder said. ” So why am I here? ” I asked. ” We need to discuss something about Henry.”Ryder said.I nodded and walked to Ryder’s room. I saw Hayes, Brayden, and Miguel there. ” So what will we do? ” Hayes asked. ” Well we could just avoid him. ” Brayden suggested. ” We all know that won’t work. He is determined to torture me to death. ” I said.My phone dinged saying I got an email. I opened it and it said one of my fan fictions had been commented on on Allthetests. It said
    Hey, Flaggy, you okay, haven’t heard from you in a while.

    I typed in
    Yeah! I’m fine!

    Ryder shook his head and said ” E, what should we do? ” I thought for a moment. ” I’ve made it clear that I don’t like him, if he hasn’t noticed that he’s stupid, but I think we have only one choice. ” I said. ” No, we’ll not make you do that! ” Hayes yelled. Slinky, one of Ryder’s cats leaped into my lap and purred. ” Okay, if this is the one thing that will make him stop bothering us, then do it. ” Ryder said. I nodded and picked up my phone. Yes, I typed in.

    Chapter Three-Hayes

    I was still terrified what Eagle would say about her date with Henry. My dog jumped up next to me. My mom walked in to my room. ” Hey, Hazey, your sister was curious if you would come meet her new friend. ” She said. I nodded and walked out of my room. I saw my sister with a girl my age. ” Hayes, this is my friend Savannah Fulton. ” Hadley said. ” Yeah I know exactly who that is. ” I said angrily. ” Hayes! ” Savannah said, throwing her arms up. ” No! ” I said running away. She frowned at me and I walked to my room.

    Chapter Three-Savannah

    I watched Hayes run away to his room.” When they look at me they’ll never see me. ” I whispered.

    Chapter Four-Eagle

    I watched a movie with my dogs and Henry.At least the dogs were between us. I saw him move his arm to pet Cupcake. The movie ended. ” Well, bye E. ” He said getting up. I nodded and Henry left. I turned on my song the moment the door closed.

    ********************************* Chapter Four - Henry ***********************************************
    I walked out the door.I heard some music coming from Eagle’s house. I smiled noticing that that was our song. I smiled and walked a few streets down to my house. My mom greeted me. I walked to my room and saw my pictures from 2020. Me and Eagle paying together, us rolling down the hill. That was so fun. I just wish that was still correct. I put in my earbuds and listened to my song. My mom called me into the living room for dinner.

    Chapter Five-Eagle

    I cuddled with my dog in bed.It wasn’t time for bed but I was just tired after the long day of preparing Thanksgiving dinner. It was in a few days. My grandmother walked into my room.” Hey E. I heard about Henry. How was it? ”she asked.” Well, considering he said nothing except ‘ Hi. ’ and ‘ Bye. ” pretty good! ” I said. Grandma laughed a bit. Cupcake lay on her belly and I pet her on the head. Grandma nodded and left. My phone vibrated and I got a text from Mayelin Smatana. She said something about hanging out with her at 5:00. I told her yes and went back to cuddles. Cupcake licked me on the face.
    I turned on ‘I Hate You, I Love You. ’ and sang a bit. I looked on Scratch and saw I had 100 notifications. ” When did I suddenly become popular? ” I whispered. Most were follows but some were parts for my map ‘ The Last Goodbye-Open Graystripe MAP ’ Jay was online so I went to her profile and commented. Hey Jay. I pressed post and moments later Fox came on and said: Hey Flaggy, you haven’t talked to us lately, are you seriously alright? I stared at the reply. Yeah! I’m fine. Right? YEAH! and pressed post.
    Flaggy, are you all right? I’m serious! Said Jay. I thought for a moment. Was I alright? I don’t know! I hate that question as much as I hate Henry! I posted. Flaggy, you’re usually way more chill! What is happening? We’re trying to help! Fox said. Well maybe this isn’t helping! I posted. Fine! Both Jay and Fox posted.
    I got off Scratch and headed to the place me and Meilyn would hang out.

    Chapter Six-Ryder

    I wish things were less complicated in my life. I wished I could see Eagle and Hayes everyday, I always could see Miguel though. My mom was at work and my cats were at the vet. I only had my dog, Duke. But Duke liked my mom more than me. So my life is pretty lonely because I only have a step-sibling in college. I sighed turning on the TV. All people had problems with their life, some worse than others. The worst thing is that I have to hide them. Except with Eagle, she always understood, the step-parents, divorced parents. She always understood me. Except one thing. When we were together too much people thought we were dating. Which was untrue even though however much I talk about her makes me think that I like her!
    I hated it when Eagle went with her dad for the week. I normally never saw her outside of school. Like I’ll sometimes see her at the store, but we don’t get to talk! And Hayes lives a little while away and I don’t even know where Brayden lives. Mason doesn’t talk to us anymore. He’s drifted away from us. He will barely even stay in the same hallway. And just to add on top of all of that stress I have to be tortured in math. I’ve never told any of my friends that because if I told Brayden he’d give that ‘ I’m smart you’re dumb face ’ and Henry would bully me.
    The reason I haven’t told Eagle is because if she found out I had been lying to her since sixth grade. She would never trust me again. I am under so much stress that I’m curious why I still function. I sat down. So much was upon me I was scared to talk to anybody about most of it. Eagle understood. ” Maybe I should get over some fears. ” I said and picked up my phone. I have a math tutor. I sent it to her.

    Chapter Seven-JayfeatherBB and Foxhowl

    We knew Flagpost was going through something. Little did we know it was this bad. Quickstream told us this:
    Guys, give her a bit of space. She’s drifting away from all of us.
    Foxhowl wished she hadn’t asked that question. Jay knew she needed to do something, but what? So Jay asked Quickstream this:
    Can you tell Flagpost we’re sorry?
    Quickstream must have been online and replied with:
    Sadly not, she won’t talk to us anymore.

    Chapter Eight-Eagle

    I knew I was pushing everybody away. Ryder had surprised her, Miguel was busy yelling at Ryder, Brayden was too upset to talk to Ryder and me, and Hayes was trying so hard to get me back.I only had Henry who was the last person I wanted. I walked up to him. ” Hey E. ” He said. ” Hey Henry, want to meet me at the coffee place after school to do homework? ” I asked him. ” Yeah! ” Henry said happily.
    I walked out of the school and to the coffee place to meet Henry.

    Chapter Nine-New Character

    I walked inside the coffee shop.I had heard that some people in my grade were coming soon. With Winter Break soon I should meet them. Two people walked in, my age. Eagle and somebody I didn’t know. Eagle walked by me. ” Hey Eagle! ” I called out to her.
    “ Andrew? ”

    Yos, Flaggy be mad and go crazy. She yelled at Jay and Fox.
    That took forever!

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835 days ago
I'm calling it Oblivion
835 days ago
Flaggy I want to do a Thousand Years for myself so...
836 days ago
Hi evening how are you sugar?
842 days ago
We are already a complete club. We can't have more members or our book is going to go wrong
842 days ago
Hello I'm a member of the writing club and here is our master piece.
We have turns to write it so you'll notice a difference between the chapters.
Please give it a chance.
If you have any comments (good or bad) visit us in our page (which is in the comments of the chapter. )

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847 days ago
Also Jay,who is your fav,mine is Karsyn,you'll see her in the next story,I think I'm naming it,A Thousand Years or Oblivion
851 days ago
So do I,but in the end (End of school year,book #4) Eagle goes with somebody else (totally not the person that has been annoying her...)
851 days ago
also I ship you and Ryder :3
851 days ago