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Story of how a girl gets revenge on her cheating boyfriend. (Characters: Riley, Cameron, Sonjah, Yana, Luis.)

    Once upon a time, there was a girl named Riley. She had a boyfriend named Cameron, who she thought was loyal. But was actually cheating. She would always believe everything he said because, of course, she thought he was not lying. However, one day she got a little suspicious of him and decided to follow him. After at least 30 minutes, he reached a house. A few hours later, he got out. Riley decided to go back home because she didn't get any evidence.

    Another night, Cameron went out again. She was a little anxious, but she went to sleep because she was awfully tired. In the morning, Cameron was still gone. She woke up, ate breakfast, brushed her teeth, changed, and went out. After a few minutes of walking, she spotted Cameron, talking to another girl. She ran to him and asked him who she was, he said that it's his step-sister and that's why they look so- not alike. Once again, she believed him and went to the store.

    Riley was picking out some clothes, when her friend Yana came and asked, "Riley, did you break up with your boyfriend?" Riley was so confused. She asked why Yana asked. And her friend showed her a post on Instagram. It was, her BOYFRIEND with another girl named Sonjah. Riley was heartbroken.

    Riley rushed outside, she then saw her boyfriend, Cameron kissing Sonjah. She cried her eyes out. Her sister comforted her and said that she should get revenge. Riley asked how. And her sister said, "Maybe you should dress up fancy at school and humiliate him."
    Riley grinned. "I'll do just that."

    At school, Riley walked to Cameron and his best friend, Luis. She asked if he would meet her in front of the lockers between class A2 and A3. After school, he went there, and surprisingly people were there. Riley was waiting for him and when she started speaking, she said... "I need to tell you something.." He asked what she needed to talk about. She then says, "we're breaking up cheater. You should really learn how to be more sneaky on cheating." Everyone laughed, even his best friend. Riley felt free. Luis did not want to be best friends with someone who is disliked.
    Eventually, Cameron moved to another school because of bullying.

    The End.

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900 days ago
Peppa: Hey George! Guess what day is it today?

George: *oink x2* No!

Peppa: It's No Nut November!

George: Oh.

Peppa is excited and HAPPY.
uh that's how i feel today 'bout this
900 days ago
IT KINDA GOOD!!! Though I rate it 2.9 stars.
900 days ago
You could work on it some more but it is okay. Could be better but still okay.
900 days ago
cool story pretty good
900 days ago
This was cool and interesting- I like it!
900 days ago
Okie dokie :3 I wish YouTube can be like dis u don't need to enter like ur e-mail or stuff like dat UwU btw IMA KID okie?
900 days ago
This is such a different fanfiction unlike "My Pug Named Baby" and lots of others
900 days ago
great work :D

Is there more coming and pls make part two of this. It was truely amazing! 😍